The 10 best gelaterias in Genoa selected by Gambero Rosso

Apr 22 2024, 15:11
Some have maintained prices in lire, some have created a space dedicated to reading, some offer the legendary Panera with fresh cream, sugar, and espresso coffee. Here are the best gelaterias in Genoa

Some have maintained prices in lire, some have created a space dedicated to reading, some offer the legendary Panera with fresh cream, sugar, and espresso coffee. Then there is one of the best gelaterias in Italy. Here are the addresses in Genoa - in alphabetical order - selected by the Gelaterie 2024 guide.

The best gelaterias in Genoa

Antica Gelateria Amedeo

In one of the most charming (and popular) districts of the city, Boccadasse, Antica Gelateria Amedeo offers truly good ice cream. Among the flavors to try are cinnamon, which although a bit unbalanced in sweetness is pleasant and well-executed. A standout is the Crema Amedeo with caramelized hazelnuts and yogurt, the latter well-balanced in acidity, with a rounded flavor. The fruit flavors vary depending on the market: raspberry, coconut, berries, and black mulberry are all fresh and enjoyable. There are also granitas, semifreddos, and a selection of ice cream cakes and sticks. Vegan flavors like hazelnut and pistachio are also available. Fast service.

via Boccadasse, 7r – 393 9149760 -

Cremeria Buonafede

In the heart of the historic center since 1913, Cremeria Buonafede satisfies palates and expectations with well-executed ice creams (to be tasted with fresh cream). They are all made with fresh ingredients that prefer Ligurian raw materials and those from neighboring areas. Try the fior di latte from the farm, a gelato made with milk from the agricultural farm of Masone, cream, and sugar; authentic egg custard, with milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolk, flavored with citrus fruits and Bourbon vanilla. You must try the Genoese Panera semifreddo, a house specialty with fresh cream, sugar, and espresso coffee; also available between two biscuits or in single portions. The offer also includes cakes and ice cream biscuits. No thickeners, preservatives, colorings, or chemical flavors are used. Attentive and courteous service.

via Luccoli, 12r – 010 2474219 -

Cremeria Sestri

Here there is no shortage of imagination and commitment to creating gelato flavors that surprise. Only genuine ingredients are used, respecting the seasonal cycle. There is a wide use of fresh ricotta which is combined with dried red fruits, sauces and compotes, or in a cheesecake version with raspberry and crumble. Then there are fruit flavors like peach and Brachetto, raspberry from Val di Taro, figs and apricots (in the second season) which support vegan almond and crunchy hazelnut. The list also includes tiramisu with pistachio, white chocolate with raspberry jelly, bunet, local craft beer. Excellent granitas, including almond, watermelon, and peach. Also ice cream cakes and popsicles.

via G. Donizetti, 34r – 342 3301781


Gelatina is a beautiful and valid gelateria on via Garibaldi, one of the most beautiful and touristy streets in the city. Gelato maker Martina Francescon pays great attention to the choice of raw materials and processing, in order to obtain creamy and velvety gelatos on the palate that stand out for their authenticity. Flavors vary often, depending on the season. Among the classics to try are fior di latte, pistachio, chocolate, as well as fruit flavors, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon. Among the more unusual, lemon and sage cream or mascarpone with figs, walnuts, and Passito di Pantelleria. Fruit popsicles worthy of note. In addition to gelato, Gelatina also offers some very well-made desserts, such as the "historic" house cheesecake. The service at the counter is female, always smiling, courteous, and attentive. Some seating and an appreciated reading room.

via Garibaldi, 20r – 010 4551624


Always of high quality is the offering of this gelateria on the border between the San Fruttuoso and Marassi neighborhoods. The offer is linked to seasonality and the availability of raw materials, fundamental factors for the success of the final product. The flavors offered during the year are many and range from fruit flavors without milk, such as strawberry, excellent melon, lemon, to the more classic cream flavors, such as pistachio, hazelnut, fior di latte, cremino (chocolate flavor with hazelnut that recalls the Piedmontese cremino, also much loved in Genoa). Good granite and fruit popsicles, but also the small house ice cream biscuits and covered ones. Competent and courteous service.

corso Sardegna, 97r – 010 501047 -

La Cremeria delle Erbe

In via delle Erbe, a nightlife area not far from Palazzo Ducale, Cremeria delle Erbe offers both ice creams and sorbets. After a careful selection of raw materials, classic flavors are created, lactose-free options, and more gourmet proposals. Try Panera and canestrello, two Genoese recipes in semifreddo version. Among the creams, there is a wide choice, according to the seasonal cycle and inspiration of the patron Mario Rivaro: very good giandughiotto (very indulgent), whole pistachio and fresh milk. Also popsicles and cakes. Another location in via d'Albertis 24.

vico delle Erbe, 17 – 010 2469254

La Gelateria di San Nicola

From brothers Stefano and Davide Turchino, you can taste a really well-executed gelato, thanks to selected raw materials and artisanal and well-established technique. The offer is articulated and varied, from classic creams where flavors and consistencies balance each other (without being excessively sweet), to more indulgent combinations like cookies, also in pistachio version, white chocolate and hazelnut cream. Do not underestimate the fruit flavors, always refreshing, which reflect fully ripe raw materials. As well as the granitas: excellent coconut and mango-peach. Prepared and courteous service.

corso Firenze, 67 – 010 4035189

Massimiliano Chiumeo Gelateria

After a day spent at the sea or in the nearby parks of Nervi, Massimiliano Chiumeo's gelateria is a must-visit: controlled supply chain, starting with milk, prime ingredients, and carefully designed recipes ensure a healthy gelato that calls for seconds. Standouts include caramel with Maldon salt, Zena flavor with basil, pine nuts, Dop buffalo ricotta, and prescinsêua, Piemonte Igp hazelnut and extra dark chocolate with 100% Claudio Corallo cocoa mass, truly unmissable. Among the fruit flavors, always fresh and seasonal, noteworthy are lemon (with Igp Sorrento lemons) and Mantuan melon. They expand the offer with sticks (Piedmontese kiss, raw pistachio, vegan pistachio), ice cream cakes (customizable), and vegan options.

via G. Oberdan, 75r – 010 3202153 -


Research and processing of the best raw materials contribute to obtaining a truly noteworthy result. Seasonality is the key to the work, both for creams and fruit. The offer is quite classic but at the same time always attentive to not being boring and finding flavors with delicate and non-obvious aromas. Among the fruit base gelatos, try raspberry and pear, and when available, lime. Among the excellent creams, velvety on the palate and expertly churned, classics like chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut flavor stand out, all prepared using the best raw materials available. Fruit sorbets are also excellent, always seasonal. Among the more unusual flavors, rose ice cream, sweet and fragrant like the typical Ligurian rose syrup, produced with centifolia roses. Courteous and competent service. It has received the Three Cones, the highest rating from our Gelaterie guide.

vico Superiore del Ferro, 14 – 010 2514159 -


To fully enjoy Gianna Bassetti's gelato, you must set aside prejudices and interpret the experience in an authentic way. Do not be deceived, therefore, by the retro spaces and you will appreciate the idea to which the artisan has always remained faithful: prices maintained in lire (2,200 £) and translated into euros (1.14 € per 100 grams) justify a modest, albeit excellent, production of gelato, starting from fruit-based flavors, including raspberry, blackberry, and coconut. The creams alternate between interesting flavors like beer, peanut (worth a taste), and classic flavors like zabaione and chocolate. Alongside the gelato, typical Sicilian desserts are also offered, including the cannolo, filled on the spot, and the cassata.

via Trebisonda, 47r – 010 3629834

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