Sweet wines are in crisis, but not for The New York Times. Here's the selection for Valentine's Day

Feb 13 2024, 16:33
De Bartoli's Marsala and Félsina's Vin Santo from Chianti Classico. Two Italian labels are included in the selection of sweet wines to discover

The comeback of sweet wines just a few days before Valentine's Day. Eric Asimov, a wine expert and curator of The Pour column in The New York Times, compiles a selection of ten labels, including two Italian ones. What better opportunity to revive a type that has long been in crisis? A celebration where "instead of trying to force awkward pairings of chocolates, bonbons, and other sweets with red wine, why not a sweet wine that can truly enhance pleasure?"

Sweet Wines for Valentine's Day According to The New York Times

De Bartoli's Marsala

First on the list is Marco De Bartoli's Marsala Superiore Oro Riserva Vigna La Miccia 2017. "No producer is more responsible for preserving true Marsala," says Asimov. "Long defamed as an industrial supermarket product. Unfortunately, most wines labeled as Marsala fall into this category, but real Marsala is a delight." Grillo grapes and four years of aging in French oak barrels. A wine that smells of almonds and toasted hazelnuts, with a fresh and taut palate that pairs well with sweet and savory dishes.

Vin Santo del Chianti Classico

From Sicily, we move to Tuscany. The second entry in the selection is Félsina's Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 2015. The wine is the result of a blend of trebbiano, malvasia, and sangiovese grapes that undergo natural drying on racks until December of the year following the harvest. "The result is an exquisite wine with a dark amber color, creamy and sweet with a round, almost buttery texture."

A Type to Rediscover

Sweet wines are currently going through a deep crisis. More and more producers have chosen not to produce this type, which, in many cases, contributes little or nothing to the company's balance sheet. The market is clear: they are in little demand and not very interesting for the younger generation. A real shame because they prove to be wines of great versatility during a meal. Just try and believe. "You probably don't buy a box of chocolates and flowers every day, and you don't often drink sweet wine either. But on a special occasion, why not?" concludes Asimov.

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