Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo: in Japan, the fifth flag of the coffee giant

Mar 26 2019, 11:54 | by Michela Becchi
Seattle, Shangai, Milan, New York and now Tokyo, after the recent opening of Coffee Boutique in Bali. Here is what the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo looks like.

It should have been the largest Starbucks Reserve in the world, the one in Chicago, covering almost 4,000 square meters, and instead on February 28, 2019, the US giant has once again changed the cards with the opening of the Roastery in Tokyo, plus precisely in Nakameguro, one of the most sparkling, elegant and avant-garde neighborhoods of the metropolis.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the world

Superfluous - and almost impossible, by now - to summarize the many adventures of Starbucks in the world: from that first venue outside of Seattle, the steps taken were many, one more exciting than the other. Now it's the turn of Japan, of the fifth Reserve Roastery (a special format, more focused on the quality of the beans, the cleanliness of the extraction and the impeccable service) in the world, after Seattle, Shanghai, Milan and New York.

The Bakery

Again, it is the now popular association with Princi that has the best for the gastronomic sector, with focaccia, pizzas, long leavening breads, puff pastries and brioche in full Italian style, with products arriving directly from Italy. The bakery is located on the first floor, together with the coffee shop, which offers around 5 different qualities of arabica coffee from around the world, roasted and packaged on site, to be enjoyed in espresso or as filter.


Roasting dominates the elegant and gigantic space furnished with taste and attention to detail: 1200 square meters all dedicated to roasting beans, housed on the fourth floor. A meticulous operation carried out in machines of about 17 meters high: a real record in the world of coffee.

Cocktail bar and tea room

The third floor is reserved for the cocktail bar, where the coffee-based drinks certainly are not lacking, while the second is dedicated to tea lovers, with the Teavana tea room, tea room of the homonymous brand of loose tea in leaves that has long been used alongside Starbucks coffees in various points of sale. In addition to the internal seats, there are also tables outside, on the terrace overlooking the Meguro river, where you can relax while sipping a good cup.

In short, a Roastery similar in content and aesthetics to those already existing, but larger, which once again aims to bring brio and novelty to a panorama historically linked to coffee (the tradition of Japanese kissaten is one of the most fascinating to world). And, considering the success that the format has had and is receiving in other countries, this time it will be difficult to disappoint the most demanding customers.

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