Seven unmissable Agricultural Mezcals distilled in the State of Oaxaca, the undisputed kingdom of Agave

Feb 19 2024, 16:27
We have tasted for you 7 agricultural mezcals directly in Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca, where a project values the productions of local farmers

Mezcal, an agricultural distillate by definition, has surpassed the fame of its Mexican cousin Tequila, also derived from Mexican agave. Its artisanal quality and authentic flavor have brought the finest labels to bars around the world, making mezcal an excellent companion for the most prominent international mixologists. Here, we present 7 labels tasted directly in Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca, where a project involving Velier enhances the productions of local farmers.

The Seven Best Agricultural Mezcals

Here are the choices we made after tasting various Mexican labels from different agave species during a journey through plantations near the hills in the state of Oaxaca.

Destilado de maguey Espadin

Aroma: Deep volatile notes, shifting to acetone; vegetable and spice, exotic fruit (banana).
Tasting: Delicate sweetness, lactic; notes of hazelnut, citrus, and pineapple that reveal fresh fruit on the mineral finish. Sapidity evolving into the sweetness of ripe fruit and toasted corn. – Alcohol 49%

Alberto Ortiz - Bramaderos

Destilado de maguey Tobalà

Aroma: Spicy notes and lactic aromas with hints of cooked agave. Fruit, flowers, and cocoa.
Tasting: Reminiscent of dulce de leche, fruity and vegetal notes with a touch of astringency. Then, caramelized sweetness closing with distinct and persistent bitter notes reminiscent of resins and green herbs. – Alcohol 50.1%

Alberto Ortiz - Bramaderos

Destilado de maguey Mexicano

Aroma: Deep volatile notes giving way to vegetal and ripe fruit, with nuances of milk.
Tasting: Transition from sweetness to herbaceous and resinous notes. Toasted caramel, burnt cream, almonds evolving towards herbaceous and fruity. – Alcohol 47.9%

Onofre Ortiz - Bramaderos

Destilado de maguey Coyote

Aroma: Beautiful notes of quince and citrus, cinnamon, smoked bacon, and fresh herbs.
Tasting: Deep and round sweetness filling the mouth with a background of roasted cocoa and a long bitter aftertaste that lingers, playing with sweetness, revealing notes of nuts and vanilla. – Alcohol 47%

Valente García - Santa Maria La Pila

Destilado de maguey Tobaziche

Aroma: Pronounced lactic notes with herbaceous, vegetal, and banana hints closing with memories of dried seeds.
Tasting: Reminiscent of dulce de leche with notes of ripe fruit turning very vegetal. Green pepper associated with a sense of bitterness and astringency rounding off the sweet flavors. – Alcohol 47%

Juan Hernández - San Pedro Taviche

Destilado de maguey Tepextate

Aroma: Mineral incipit, then the nose suggests savoriness with a hint of acidity and volatile notes. Eventually, scents of dried seeds and nuts emerge, herbaceous.
Tasting: Savory and peppery. Then, notes of onion, salt, and burnt caramel emerge; a long bitter aftertaste of cinnamon and ginger. – Alcohol 48.5%

Destilado de maguey Madrecuishe

Aroma: Fresh citrus and floral notes, then evolves into vegetal with a sweetness of caramel and chewing gum.
Tasting: Cereals, naturally leavened bread with an astringency pushing towards more vegetal, herbaceous tones, always with the sweetness of toasted bread around. – Alcohol 48.8%

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