Preview Tre Bicchieri 2020. White Wine of the year. Colli di Luni Etichetta Nera 2018 by Lunae Bosoni

Oct 31 2019, 16:05 | by Stefania Annese
Colli di Luni Etichetta Nera, vintage 2018: here's how the best white wine of Italy is born. Interview with Diego Bosoni.

It's without a doubt the reference company for the production of Vermentino in Liguria. And not just now. The adventure of the Bosoni family in the Colli di Luni began with Paolo in the 1970s. Today his children Debora and Diego chisel an agricultural work based on multiple plots. The hills of Castelnuovo Magra and Ortonovo, but also the plain around the ancient Luni, without forgetting the parcels tended in collaboration with over 100 grape growers conferring. All this is the fulcrum of a proposal that always revolves around vermentino, declined in various versions of contemporary inspiration.

This year the family offered us a white wine with an explosive aromatic connotation: the 2018 Colli di Luni Etichetta Nera bestows great fruit harmony and elegance on an intense note of dry grass. For us, the White of the Year is profound, rich and satisfying. Diego Bosoni explained how this wine is made in our interview.

Tell us about the winery, when was it born?

Lvnae is born from the passion and work of my father Paolo Bosoni, who, in 1966, gathered the legacy of our family - a peasant family that for generations cultivated a few hectares of land - focusing on viticulture and traditional grape varieties.

Who is in charge of the cellar nowadays?

The winery is run by our family. My father and I operate between vineyard, cellar and marketing, my sister Debora takes care of hospitality and my mother Antonella is responsible for accounting. Even my uncles have worked with us from the beginning of the business, supporting us on our journey.

In recent years the family has expanded to a work group that shares our same passion. About 40 people (many of these have matured experience of 20-30 years) furthermore make their important contribution every day and represent a great added value for our cellar.

How did you receive the news of the Award?

It was a huge surprise. A great satisfaction for everyone, in particular an important recognition for my father who has dedicated his whole life to wine, to bringing value to Vermentino and who has always believed in the potential of our territory. An award given to a product of this vine has an even stronger meaning for us. Vermentino today is a grape variety and a very popular wine in Italy and abroad, but at the beginning of our journey the situation was very different.

Let's talk about your award-winning wine, when was the Etichetta Nera project born?

Etichetta Nera started in the Nineties. For many years my family had been producing a pure Vermentino (our current gray label), the Doc Colli di Luni was born shortly, precisely in 1989.

After a long period of research and after several years of experience, my father wanted to share the great potential of this grape by making a wine that was the result of the selection of our best vineyards. His ambition was to show that our territory had a great vocation and a great bond with the Vermentino grape, and that the characteristics of the wine that could be obtained could go beyond the clichés of fresh white ready-to-drink to which it was usually associated.

How well are the wines of the Colli di Luni appellation known abroad and what are the markets in which they are best sold?

About 15 years ago we started making the first contacts with foreign markets. A beautiful journey that I personally followed. We have introduced a territory and a production that is sometimes unknown or little considered, obtaining excellent results. A path of gradually increasing appreciation that over the years has been bringing interesting results to an attentive public, passionate and sensitive to small productions and small regions like ours.

Future projects...

We are just completing the construction of our new cellar: a very important project in every respect. Our goal is to have dedicated and highly professional spaces available, in which to further enhance the quality of our wines and the management of our grapes.

Also starting this season, we've started to farm 10 hectares of vineyard (of our 50 hectares owned in total) in organic regime. We have always conducted careful and respectful viticulture, avoiding the use of herbicides, harvesting by hand, and trying to preserve and enhance the local grape varieties. Our new organic viticulture project wants to bring continuity to our principles, with the will to further improve the quality and sustainable profile.

Lunae Bosoni - Castelnuovo Magra (SP) - Via Palvotrisia, 2 - 0187 693483 -

by Stefania Annese

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