Pastry shops in Vicenza: 6 must-visit places chosen by Gambero Rosso

Feb 29 2024, 17:19
A delightful tour through the best pastry shops in Vicenza, where you can enjoy unique breakfasts, taste classic pastries and traditional sweets, as well as modern cakes and single servings, savory treats, and rich brunch options

The splendid Palladian architecture that graces the historic center makes Vicenza a renowned tourist destination, but an exploration of the city also involves indulging in its sweets. Vicenza's pastry tradition is well-represented by Venetian specialties, and there are also establishments embracing a contemporary style with unique offerings that are a must-try. Here are the places not to miss.

Babu - Dolce e Salato

With thirty years of experience, Beatrice Busatta and her husband Alessandro Barbiero have quickly earned a place of honor in the city. Babu Dolce e Salato is a delightful blend of a bar and pastry shop, featuring a lively and modern atmosphere that spans the entire day. The heart of the operation is the workshop, where creations such as Venetian pastries, pain au chocolat, frangipane twists, and more for breakfast, along with tempting savory options, from buns to open sandwiches, and lunch dishes. Single servings, cakes, and mignons are beautiful and delicious, and during the warmer months, gelato is also available. On Saturdays and Sundays, don't miss the brunch, also available in a vegan version.

Babu - Dolce e Salato - Viale Trieste, 207 –


The minimally styled interiors are designed to showcase the carefully arranged displays of elegant and colorful pastries. Located a short walk from the center, Declaire is the realm of Davide Ferrante, a young pastry chef who favors a contemporary style, evident in layered mignons, cakes, and single servings like the Miele (with honey mousse, mango confit, passion fruit, and yogurt crumble), excellent éclairs, and cup mille-feuille. The excellent morning coffee accompanies Danish pastries with cooked cream, Venetian pastries, French croissants, and exceptionally well-made leavened pastries. There are also savory options, from classic sandwiches to filled puff pastries.

Declaire - Via Ceccarini, 6 –


Warm colors and well-furnished spaces, in a mix of classic and contemporary, define the centrally located and renowned pastry shop, Gambarato. The breakfast menu offers a variety of leavened pastries, from pain au chocolat to krapfen, citrus twists, kranz, brioche with jams, peach and amaretto, pistachio, whole grain with orange and ginger, not to mention limited editions. The variety is one of the strengths of the establishment, including mignons (excellent shortcrust pastries with rice cream), biscuits, tarts, and cakes, including meringues, mille-feuille, Brescian cake, Portuguese tart, and a chocolate cake without butter and flour. Depending on the calendar, large leavened pastries, chocolate figures, colorful St. Martin's Day cookies, and traditional Carnival fried treats. Special mention for the delicious sandwiches, available in various flavors and generously filled.

Gambarato - contrà Porta Padova, 105 –


Overlooking Piazza delle Erbe, with its outdoor seating almost in the shadow of the Palladian Basilica, Venezia is a historic shop that has been producing sweets since the early 20th century and has been in the Ferracina family since 1964. The specialties that have marked the history of the shop are unmissable, starting from the famous baskets with buttercream, Bressana cake, and mille-feuille, with fragrant and light puff pastry. Over time, macarons and chocolate creations, including pralines, elegant Easter eggs, and beautiful Christmas trees, have also earned a prominent place. There is a good selection of tarts and cakes, and for breakfast, you can choose from a beautiful range of croissants and puff pastry fans with apricot jam.

Venezia - contrà Pescaria, 4 –

Antica Pasticceria Sorarù

A gem in the city center, with well-preserved nineteenth-century interiors in Venetian Liberty style and an outdoor seating area overlooking the small square facing the Palladian Basilica. Among the favorites of the people of Vicenza, Sorarù, with its comforting and reassuring sweets, has pampered generations of dessert lovers and captivates passersby at first glance, with wood paneling, gilding, shelves filled with glass bowls full of bonbons and candies. Among the main attractions are the breakfast leavened pastries, made from a Venetian focaccia dough worked into braids, flatbreads, and croissants filled with cream or jams, as well as savory options. Other specialties include plum cakes, a recipe passed down for generations, Sacher cake, traditional biscuits, and typical holiday sweets.

Antica Pasticceria Sorarù - Piazzetta Andrea Palladio, 17 -

Giorgio Bolzani La Pasticceria

A highly popular destination to start the day on a high note, thanks to a varied and convincing offering. The array of leavened pastries presents a dilemma, with croissants, Venetian pastries, krapfen, and doughnuts. For those who prefer savory, there are treats such as mini pizzas and tempting sandwiches. In the range of sweets on the counter, large meringues filled with cream, profiteroles, slices, fruit mignons, macarons, single servings, modern tarts, and a nice assortment of cakes. Additionally, there are specialties for various occasions, from panettone and doves for Easter, to carnival fritters (with raisins, cream, zabaglione, or pistachio). You can also enjoy a good aperitif.

Giorgio Bolzani La Pasticceria - Corso Padova, 146 -

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