One of the chefs who revolutionized world cuisine opens an ice cream parlor. The new project by Albert Adrià

Apr 5 2024, 16:22
Gelato Collection. That's the name of the new project by Albert Adrià, who, together with Enigma's pastry chef Alfredo Machado Díaz, is opening in Barcelona

"Barcelona is the city of cocktail bars, pizzerias, hamburger bars, brunch bars, hipster cafés, and now also of gelaterias, where new ones are constantly being added to the formidable existing venues. We will do our part with a project that will see the light in mid-June." The announcement comes from Albert Adrià's Instagram page to introduce Gelato Collection, an ice cream parlor that will open in the Catalan city alongside pastry chef Alfredo Machado Díaz.

Who are Albert Adrià and Alfredo Machado Díaz

With an important (at times cumbersome) surname, Albert, besides being the brother of Ferran Adrià, opened the legendary el Bulli with him - "elBulli is me, my brother Ferran is pure legend," Albert Adrià replied when someone commented that the menu of his restaurant Enigma in Barcelona resembles that served in the legendary enclave of Cala Montjoi - and then dedicated himself to opening four venues in partnership with the Iglesias brothers, under the umbrella of the elBarri Group (later dissolved due to the pandemic), and the Enigma restaurant, also in Barcelona, ​​which remained closed for 27 months and reopened in June 2022, modifying its identity after a year. Always by Albert Adrià, Cakes & Bubbles, with a proposal of sweets and sparkling wines. Now a new challenge: the opening of Gelato Collection, in collaboration with Enigma's pastry chef Alfredo Machado Díaz, crowned in 2020 at Madrid Fusión as "Best New Pastry Chef".

Gelato Collection

"There are no small projects, we are realizing the complexity of their development and the challenge of the unknown," the two declare, still through social media. They are currently testing alternative ingredients to create about 20 flavors, rotating weekly. The venue has been designed by the interior designers of El Equipo Creativo, also creators of Tickets and Pakta. The laboratory was conceived in collaboration with Carpigiani and with the help of the consultancy company Gelato Business, which in Barcelona has launched virtuous startups in the world of subzero. Who knows if Albert Adrià will be able to make ice cream avant-garde as well.

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