Marchecraft: the new tourism portal to discover the shops and artisans of Le Marche

Aug 25 2020, 12:12 | by Michela Becchi
Learning to weave wicker baskets, observing the creation of shoes, rediscovering the ancient peasant traditions of the past: this platform allows travelers to experience unique local craftsmanship.

Marchecraft, the portal that aggregates ancient Marche crafts

More than two thousand kilometers traveled, sifting through every corner of the region to discover places, typicality, traditions and novelties, artisans and farmers, with the desire to promote their land and offer a new type of tourism to travelers. Thus was born Marchecraft, a unique portal designed to spotlight the beauty and flavour of Le Marche, but above all showcase the most authentic and ancient side of the territory, the crafts of the past, the rituals and practices of the past. Craftsmanship, lots of it: observing products and producers at work at every stage of their process, to appreciate their value even more and to approach a different concept of tourism, no longer just food and wine but more generally linked to local customs and traditions, the history and folklore that over time have forged the identity of the region.

The activities offered by Marchecraft, from a weaving workshop to peasant traditions

A website that offers an overview of local crafts as well as various curious and original activities for a vacation full of fun and the rediscovery of origins. In Carpegna, for example, you can visit the Antica Stamperia for free, where the dyeing plants of the area, the choice of woods and local chisel carving will be illustrated, as well as the history and origins of the work. Then there's the wicker weaving course with master Roberto Malavolta from Pesaro, or macramé class, knotted lace to make bracelets, key rings and other objects at the Museum of Weaving in Macerata. And again a tour of the terracotta artisan workshops, a straw weaving workshop, another on copper jewelry, calligraphy or pottery. Of course, peasant traditions cannot be missing, the protagonists of a tour dedicated to country life in Monte San Vito, which includes a visit to the vegetable garden, the farm, the cellar, with a lesson on product seasonality and natural fertilisation, or the experience of washing clothes at the lake with ashes, plus tasting typical wedding specialties. And there will also be an musical aperitif with folk songs and feast day dances, which pair with the tasting of local products.

The website and the blog

Each activity is presented in detail including timetables, prices, dates and methods of participation, as well as a description of the artisans and small businesses present: in short, a well-structured and intuitive website that's full of information. But it doesn't end there: in the blog section you can find several posts dedicated to tourism in the Le Marche region, from events to international rankings that have awarded the region as one of the best tourist destinations. Those wishing to stay updated on all the news can subscribe to the Marchecraft newsletter. How does the portal work? Just choose your interests and sign up for the activity you prefer using the form available on the site.

An original way to immerse yourself in the culture of the place, bringing home experiences and handmade souvenirs, made by the shops or by the tourists themselves, under the guidance of experts. A system to incentivise a different, slower type of tourism and support local niche realities, which need all the support possible as never before. Activities and trips can also be a fun gift idea for creative enthusiasts curious to learn new techniques.

by Michela Becchi

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