Marche extra virgin olive oil: the best producers

Jun 12 2019, 07:42 | by Michela Becchi
In the province of Pesaro and Urbino, two great olive farms win awards in the Oli d'Italia 2019 guide: Il Conventino di Monteciccardo and Massimo Mosconi.

A production drop around –60%, mainly due to intense fly attacks in the region. Regardless of the problems linked to this year's difficult campaign, for years olive oil in the Marche region has been known above all for the extraordinary blends that incapsulate the tradition of the territory with modernity.

Extra virgin olive oil in the Marche

Large abundance of prized monovarietals, which represent the avant garde of the place, first of all those of the ascolana tenera variety, a regional cultivar. But there are also the raggia, piantone di Mogliano and mignola, each with its unique and recognizable character.

The best Marche mills

The best producers? Distinguishing themselves this year are two special producers in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, which were bestowed awards by the Oli d'Italia 2019 guide.

Il Conventino di Monteciccardo

Il Conventino di Monteciccardo

Il Conventino di Monteciccardo, mill of the year

It is no wonder that Il Conventino di Monteciccardo of the Marcantoni family continues to reap success year after year: a producer that has always been dedicated to quality production and bringing value to local cultivars. In the 20 hectares of olive grove dwell 7500 plants, to which over 500 quintals of selected drupes are joined in the area. These are pressed with expertise in the mill, where nothing is left to chance. There is also wine, spirits, honey and chocolate made with extra virgin olive oil.

Il Conventino di Monteciccardo olive oils

Tre Foglie (top recognition) and two oils garnering Due Foglie Rosse (score assigned to excellent quality oils): these are the awards obtained by the producer, thanks to products owning an elegant and intriguing aromatic profile. The Frà Bernardo Monocultivar Ascolana Tenera is an intense fruity that releases its notes of tomato, aromatic herbs, flowers, almond and all the balsamic sensations that accompany them. The Frà Pasquale Monocultivar di Raggiola is a medium fruity, but with quite pronounced spice and bitterness, with hints of arugula, grass and walnuts. Finally, Frà Giocondo Monocultivar Leccino Bio is a green and persistent extra virgin, characterized by aromas of tomato, grass and slightly spicy nuances.

Massimo Mosconi - Emozioneolio

Massimo Mosconi - Emozioneolio

Massimo Mosconi – Emozioneolio, quality and marketing

Another reference company is the one belonging to Massimo Mosconi, a capable olive grower who offers complex olive oils of great character. The estate rises between the hills that border the left bank of the lower Metauro river, just over two kilometers from Tavernelle, along the Via Flaminia. Thanks to the avant-garde vision of the team, this producer also stands out for the well-structured website, complete with seasonal recipes that aim to bring added value to the green gold.

Massimo Mosconi – Emonzioneolio olive oils

Risveglio Monocultivar Raggiola wins the award for Best Intense Fruity, perfectly balanced between bitter and spicy, played on vegetable scents such as arugula, artichoke and grass, which leave room for even more balsamic notes. Then there is Respiro Monocultivar Moraiolo, another intense green fruity and persistent, reminiscent of the scent of grass and arugula, and in addition Opus, a medium fruity olive oil, once again vegetal and persistent.

Olive oil restraurants

Among the restaurants that most bring value to ingredients, olive oil in the first place, is L'Arcade in Porto San Giorgio, owned by Nikita Sergeev that offers a satisfying and enjoyable tasting itinerary, which can be combined with a selection of top wines. Then there's Casa Rapisarda in Numana, rookie of the year for the guide Ristoranti d'Italia 2019, a place opened in 2018 and which has already become one of the best in the area, thanks to a menu created with rigor and inspiration, and which relies on home-grown garden products. Furthermore, Signore te ne ringrazi––a multifaceted space where to stop for excellent pizzas and for the original dishes, which rely on tradition but with an eye to the future, and Il Tiglio in Vita in Porto Recanati, a seafront restaurant with panoramic views and a quality fish cuisine, created by Enrico Mazzaroni. Not forgetting the two Michelin stars of the Marche gastronomic firmament, Moreno Cedroni (Madonnina del Pescatore) and Mauro Uliassi (Uliassi), both in Senigallia.

Olive oil shops

There are also shops where olive oil lovers can buy good extra virgin olive oil (here is the complete list). A great destination is Giorno per giorno Bio in San Benedetto del Tronto, a specialized shop that offers a nice selection of organic products, from fresh vegetables to honey, with olive oils and dried fruits.

by Michela Becchi



Il Conventino di Monteciccardo – Monteciccardo (PU) – via Giulio Turcato, 4 -

Massimo Mosconi – Emozioneolio – Serrungarina, Colli al Metauro (PU) -


L'Arcade – Porto San Giorgio (FM) – via Giordano Bruno, 76 -

Casa Rapisarda – Numana (AN) – via IV Novembre, 35 -

Singore te ne ringrazi – Montecosaro (MC) – via Bruscantini, 1 -

Il Tiglio in Vita – Porto Recanatai (MC) – viale Scarfiotti, 47 -

Madonnina del Pescatore – Senigallia (AN) – Lungomare Italia, 11 -

Uliassi – Senigallia (AN) – Banchina di Levante, 6 -


Giorno per giorno Bio – San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) -

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