Librandi, synonymous with Calabria. A wine cellar that focuses all on terroir

Jun 26 2020, 09:51 | by Gambero Rosso
An estate that covers approximately 350 hectares, of which 232 are vineyards, 80 planted in olive groves and the remaining are forests. Here is the story of Librandi.

Visiting this company would certainly help to understand the very important work that the Librandi brothers carried out financially as well. In 1993 they planted the first experimental plot that welcomes Magliocco, Arvino, Mantonico Bianco and Pecorello. In 1997, with the purchase of Tenuta Rosaneti, research progressively widened in parallel with the recovery of the viticultural heritage and in 2000 an experimental plot was also set up to house over 2,500 vines divided into 25 native grape varieties. Here pre-harvest samplings and comparative company micro-vinifications were carried out.

Librandi cellar

Driven by the desire to explore and bring value to the local genetic heritage, in the same years the Librandi brothers started a genetic improvement program based on self-fertilization and subsequent selection of the best genotypes obtained on the two most important red berried varieties grown in the area: gaglioppo and magliocco dolce. A painstaking work that shows how strong the family bond is for the land and how important their contribution to the quality of local viticulture has been. The area is Cirò Marina, a city that overlooks the Ionian Sea and is characterised by both hilly and flat land vineyards set in the Mediterranean scrub biome. The winery has always been exclusively family-run: led until 2012 by the founding brothers Antonio and Nicodemo Librandi. Today, after Antonio's passing, the company is run by Nicodemo, Raffaele, Paolo, Francesco and Teresa Librandi. An important choice that sees the Librandi family at the forefront of all the company's activities: from managing vineyards to commerce.

Labeling and Igp, further regional bond

This past year the winery has undergone further changes, providing a graphic restyling of the labels and company logo with simpler and cleaner lines. The new look of the Critone, Terre Lontane and Duca Sanfelice wines was recently presented alongside the release of the new vintages. But more importantly, it was decided to focus fully on the "Calabria brand", with the aim of making it even more recognizable in the world of wine and turning this into a strength. For this reason, the denomination "Calabria IGT" was adopted (in place of the previous "Val di Neto IGT"), placing it on the label for many of the references, while maintaining the micro-territoriality and the selective provenance of the grapes from the historic estates, plus supporting all with marketing strategies aimed at rediscovering the authentic natural and artistic riches of the region.

Cru and olive groves for 350 hectares

The estates owned by the Librandi family cover approximately 350 hectares, of which 232 are vineyards, 80 planted in olive groves and the remaining are forests. Rosaneti is certainly the beating heart of the company: it is the largest estate of the family, where we find the "varietal garden", the collection of native grapes that currently houses about 200 varieties recovered throughout the region. In Arcidiaconato, in the municipality of Strongoli, the vineyards are exclusively dedicated to international vines. Ponta, in the historical area of the Cirò Doc, is bred in gaglioppo. There are additional plots of land in Pittaffo, San Biase and Brisi.

Cellar Identikit

Wine: 2,500,000 bottles

Extra virgin olive oil: 25,000 bottles

Horeca distribution channel

Market: 55% In Italy, 45% abroad

Foreign markets: Germany, Switzerland, United States, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, China, Netherlands England, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, Austria, Ukraine, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Lebanon

Cellar: 25 employees

Vineyards: 80 employees

Librandi - Cirò Marina (KR) - loc. San Gennaro - s.s. Jonica, 106 - 096231518 -

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