Lady Amarone presents the new Marilisa Allegrini Group. New venture after separating from her nephews

Apr 9 2024, 16:42
The new company sees daughters Carlotta and Caterina as vice presidents and brings together the three family estates in Veneto and Tuscany. It starts with a turnover of 10 million euros. Goal, to double in five years

Marilisa Allegrini returns to the spotlight and, after the corporate restructuring announced in January 2024 and the separation from her nephews, presents the new wine group named after Lady Amarone herself. Indeed, the new limited company is called Marilisa Allegrini, which reunites the three estates in Veneto and Tuscany (Villa della Torre in Fumane, Poggio al Tesoro in Bolgheri, and San Polo in Montalcino). The family group was announced in Milan and will be named after the founder, appointed Knight of Labor in 2020. By her side are her two daughters, Carlotta and Caterina. "We want to continue our history as producers and entrepreneurs. This group encompasses the family, territories with great potential, a love for art, attention to environmental sustainability, and the privilege of experience in understanding market evolution," said Marilisa Allegrini, who serves as president and CEO of the group. Carlotta and Caterina are vice presidents, alongside their father Giancarlo Mastella, who is also vice president and former director of Villa della Torre.

Turnover of 10 million

With a turnover of just over ten million euros, Marilisa Allegrini Ltd. has 105 hectares of vineyards in production (64 in Bolgheri, 16 in Montalcino, 15 in Valpolicella, and 10 in Lugana). Currently, production is 840,000 bottles, of which 550,000 are at Poggio al Tesoro, 250,000 at San Polo, and 40,000 at Villa della Torre. However, as announced by the president herself, the numbers at Villa della Torre are expected to increase significantly to 200,000 bottles, thanks to the introduction of new vineyards into production. "In general, over the next five years, considering all the projects related to hospitality in Tuscany, we expect the group's turnover to double." The Italian distribution of Villa della Torre will remain in charge of Pellegrini Distribuzione. For overseas markets, an agreement has been reached with Edoardo Freddi International.

Logo Marilisa Allegrini 2024

New brand and website

The new brand of the wine group was designed by NSG Design and will be featured on the labels of Villa della Torre wines, starting with Amarone 2020, Valpolicella 2021, and Lugana 2022. Marilisa Allegrini's signature, already present on Poggio al Tesoro bottles, will also appear on those of San Polo. The group's new website has also been launched, and the Villa della Torre website has been revamped. The official debut will be at Vinitaly 2024.

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