In Milan, we don't have the sea, but there's a place for surfers where you can relax like you're at the beach

Jun 27 2024, 13:54
At Surfer’s Garden in Milan, you can sip flower-flavored cocktails, snack on fried bites and lasagna... and even surf, for real

Summer in the city can be tough, and it’s not always easy to escape the scorching asphalt of the city center. Fortunately, Milan offers some secret little oases without the need for long journeys: Surfer’s Garden, at Piazza Caduti del Lavoro 5, is one of these. Here, the passion for surfing, mixology, and gardening, seemingly unrelated, come together in an unexpected yet perfect recipe.

Surfing in Milan

The idea originated back in 1999 when the venue known as Surfer’s Den first appeared on Via Mantova. In 2009, it moved to the Bocconi area and still resides within the Centro Sportivo Enrico Cappelli, living up to its name: Surfer’s Garden is set in a lush, green paradise, lovingly tended by owners Irene Bottura and Yuri Gelmini, who have reclaimed neglected land and created a new ecosystem among plants, blackbirds, robins, and hedgehogs.
The beautiful rose garden, unique in its kind, the fairy lights, and the outdoor seating are captivating, as is the interior décor, inspired by overseas surfer clubs with a touch of vintage futuristic style.
The surfboards are not just for decoration: surf courses are also held here, with special equipment that allows you to learn the basics before practicing in the water.

Cocktails and Botany

The paradox of Milan is always the same: wanting to be here but always needing places where you can forget you are in the city. Here, it's possible. Total relaxation, sipping out-of-the-box cocktails created by owner and bartender Yuri Gelmini.

The love for plants and flowers is also reflected in the constantly updated drink list. Yuri’s philosophy is based on studying nature and respecting the seasons, as well as showcasing iconic or lesser-known Italian bottles, such as grappas and herbal liqueurs. Named Bartender of the Year by Bargiornale in 2020, Yuri expertly blends fine spirits with botanical elements, like medicinal plants and aromatic herbs, creating a strong connection between the location and the cocktails.

The Rotisserie and Brunch

Surfer’s Garden, open from 7 p.m. until late, is not just a cocktail bar: you can nibble on a classic aperitif with olives and focaccine or enjoy a gastronomic offering that takes you straight from the beach to the typical Italian rotisserie, featuring fried bites, lasagna, meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, potato pie, as well as hamburgers, fries, and colorful salads.
On Sunday mornings, there's also a brunch menu with a more modern twist, including bagels and croque madame. So, there’s always an excuse to spend a few hours of peace in one of the most beautiful gardens in Milan.

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