In Milan, a specialty café with gelato is opening near Bocconi University

Apr 18 2024, 16:56
Flaky pastries, coffee, and artisanal gelato: a new bar is about to open in Milan, near Bocconi University, but this will only be the beginning of a longer adventure

It will be called Specialty, a direct and immediate name that immediately clarifies the intentions: the coffees will be the most sought after, "but then we applied this concept to everything, seeking a bit of specialty in every product," says Vittoria Zampieri, who, together with Umberto Burdese, Alessandro Monego, and Gian Pietro Beltrando, is about to create a café-gelateria in the Bocconi area, already ready to be replicated.

What will Specialty, the new café-gelateria in the Bocconi area, be like?

Specialty coffee, gelato, and pastry, "the focus will not be on a single product, we want to offer a balanced proposal, guaranteeing the same level in every department." For coffee, there will be beans from Caffè Carnera and Garage Coffee Bros, to be tried in espresso and filter, Novara's Cookies 'n' Cream will supply the gelato, while Crosta, a bakery in Milan, will take care of desserts, with which new collaborations for savory products could also arise in the future. Meanwhile, let's focus on the present: Specialty will open its doors on Viale Bligny by the end of May, the four friends come from different experiences but have found a great common passion in food. "Indeed, calling it a passion is an understatement," adds Umberto.

A format to replicate

The sign in the university area is just the beginning of a great adventure for them, "we would like to open four more outlets in Milan, we are already thinking about the next one," continues an enthusiastic Umberto. Specialty was created precisely with the idea of giving life to "a format that is easily replicable." Good products, high attention to breakfast, and gelato to be enjoyed until late evening (it opens from 7 am to 10 pm), "in a welcoming and well-kept design, studied by a Norwegian expert in full Scandinavian style."

Minimal, elegant, modern

At the bar, there will be a team formed by the partners, who have become passionate about specialties almost by chance, starting with Vittoria, "the scene in Milan is growing, and I believe this is the right time to focus even more on the product." The project had already started when Gianni Tratzi's hand also arrived, a consultant in the sector who wasted no time in contributing to the business.

Cascara, kombucha, and croissant sfogliati

Alongside house blends and various single origins, there will be cascara, an infusion made from dried coffee drupe peels, cold brew, cold-extracted coffee perfect for summer, then a selection of iced teas and artisanal fruit juices from Cascina Belmonte. Breakfast will be one of the key moments of the activity, "with Crosta's sfogliati," among the flagship products of the bakery awarded with the Tre Pani (highest recognition) in the Pane e Panettieri d'Italia guide by Gambero Rosso.
In the future, kombucha will also arrive, "but we won't go further, no wine or cocktails." There will be some seating inside, and in September, you can also enjoy the outdoor seating area with about 30 seats. The area? "With good foot traffic, a lot of traffic. We hope it brings us luck."

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