In Aprilia, a contemporary bakery has been born with French yeasts, baguettes, and ancient local breads

May 2 2024, 15:46
The inviting aroma can already be sensed at the street corner, and upon entering, there are only confirmations: Vivi Bakery is the right place to buy good bread in the province of Latina

It was about time that Aprilia had its own bakery. This municipality in the province of Latina holds several surprises on the gastronomic front, and since March 2024, it can boast of a contemporary bakery, thanks to the passion of Viviana Falciano, who left her job to dedicate herself first to a domestic food business, and then to a place of her own: she called it Vivi Bakery because this is truly her little kingdom.

Vivi Bakery, the contemporary bakery in Aprilia

Indeed, perhaps it would be better to call it a toyland: the laboratory is small, Viviana does everything herself, but she manages multiple bakes perfectly. Early in the morning, she is already found smiling, busy baking delicious focaccias and topped pizzas (escarole and olives, potatoes), while welcoming each customer and recommending the best yeast, "the pain au chocolat is my favorite." And indeed, this flaky pastry is in full French style, fragrant and melting, loaded with butter and perfect for straightening even the most crooked days.

There is no coffee area for the moment, "but in the future, I would like to add a space for filter coffee." Time will tell, for now, let's focus on this newborn business: "In 2019, I started the domestic food business, but I felt the need to have more contact with customers. For now, the feedback is positive, everyone seems enthusiastic."

The bread calendar, yeasts, and focaccias

The protagonist of this well-kept and welcoming shop is bread: semi-whole loaves, semolina, walnut and honey, and then baguettes, as well as milk loaf and the one with ancient Verna wheat, a soft wheat from the area cultivated by Il Campo del Grano in the Campoverde area, one of the house specialties, "among the most requested breads." The raw materials are almost all local, then organic flours come from Emilia Romagna, the semolina is from Altamura and is among the most appreciated. Sourdough distinguishes every preparation, the weekly bread calendar sets the rhythm of this frenetic laboratory born thanks to Viviana's love for the product, and also for her son: "While I was pregnant, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands, so I created my yeast from scratch."

It was 2013, shortly after she left her job in Rome to dedicate herself entirely to production, and today in the heart of Aprilia, she juggles loaves, shortcrust pastries, and yeasts (cinnamon rolls, cream-filled croissants, puff pastries, and a bit of everything on rotation, depending on the moment's inspiration). Lunch break is still being organized, "I would like to make savory croissants," meanwhile, stuffed pizzas can be enjoyed. For taste, rely on the kind baker: availability is guaranteed here.

Vivi Bakery - Aprilia (LT) - via Marconi, 17 -

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