Heavy Metal wine arrives: Iron Maiden launches a red produced in Portugal

Mar 15 2024, 12:25
The collaboration between Iron Maiden and Ehrmanns Wine has given birth to the band's first wine produced from indigenous Portuguese grape varieties, which could become a collector's item for fans of the group

The wine business attracts celebrities and the music world. This time, it's the British Heavy Metal group Iron Maiden launching their own label on the market, a 2021 Douro DOC born in collaboration with Ehrmanns Wine and presented during Prowein. "It's been a year-long project," said Paul Daniell, Ehrmanns Wine's sales manager, to Drinks Business. "We chose Douro because it's a growing appellation. Portuguese wines are increasingly being talked about."

A Heavy Metal Wine

The wine's name is inspired by an Iron Maiden song: Darkest Hour, and shares the same "vintage", 2021. Darkest Red is a Douro DOC produced from a blend of indigenous grape varieties such as Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz (also known as Tempranillo), which undergoes aging in old port barrels for 6-9 months and is produced by the historic producer Van Zeller Wine Collection.

Iron Maiden Signature Red

Any distinctive features? In addition to the evocative label depicting "Eddie The Head", the band's iconic mascot, it's the contribution of Iron Maiden to its realization. The band was involved in the wine selection process. As for the taste, the company states that it will lean towards lightness and freshness, while presenting in the glass with intense notes of black fruit and a decidedly dark color that reflects its name.

Collecting and New Generations

Certainly an object that will appeal to collectors and die-hard fans of the band, but it has been noted that due to Eddie's popularity on T-shirts and posters even among younger generations, Daniell expressed confidence that the wine will make an impression on the most elusive clientele in the wine world: Gen Z. And it has a price of around 12 pounds, it could really be so."

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