Gucci's Easter egg with Fabio Fazio's chocolate is lemon, rosemary, and Ecuadorian dark chocolate

Feb 22 2024, 12:16
A collaboration between big names for Easter 2024: Gucci Osteria, the restaurant associated with Bottura's orbit with chefs Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo, chooses Lavoratti 1938, Fabio Fazio's chocolate for their eggs

The most glamorous Easter egg of 2024 is the one signed by Fabio Fazio, Gucci, and Massimo Bottura. "This collaboration fills us with pride and marks a fundamental step in the growth of Lavoratti 1938," says Fabio Fazio, television personality, and chocolate producer for the past couple of years. He, along with his longtime friend Davide Petrini, acquired a historic confectionery company in Varazze - the one from their childhood - at risk of closure.

A rescue operation started under the best star: not only that of the Ligurian host but also a group of well-known names in the gastronomic scene, among the best in circulation. Figures like Corrado Assenza, for example, were called to provide their high-profile consultancy for the selection of raw materials. And then Carlo Cracco, who had signed the eggs for 2023. He was one of those who had suggested Assenza's name, along with another great chef, Massimo Bottura, who comes into play on this occasion, collaborating with the Gucci restaurant in Florence led by the duo Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo.

The Lavoratti 1938-Gucci egg: a tribute to Liguria

The chocolate used is the classic 60% Ecuadorian variety from Lavoratti, which encapsulates the essence of the lemons from the Cinque Terre, also present in dried zest, providing a crunchy note accentuated by the presence of crumbled feuilletine pailleté. Rosemary completes the aromatic profile. The recipe was developed in collaboration with Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo.

Inside, a surprise awaits: truffle-flavored treats with Ciaculli Late Mandarin, made from the dried peel and pulp of mandarins, one of the specialties of the company that, from the beginning, has relied on a clear editorial line, reinforced by packaging reminiscent of books and crayon boxes. Among the various products are also the Parmigiano Reggiano pralines, four different chocolates for as many aging periods: the 13 and 18 months, more delicate and elegant, are paired with white chocolate, the 24 months is with 60% chocolate, and 36 months with 80%. A sweet treat that recalls one of Bottura's great classics: The Five Ages of Parmesan.

The egg, packaged in colorful boxes, is available for purchase on the Lavoratti 1938 and Gucci Osteria websites at a price of €70 for 500 grams.

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