From Al Bano to Sting: the film on celebrities producing wine hits cinemas

Jul 9 2024, 18:17
The docufilm releasing in mid-July reveals the stories of famous personalities who have chosen to produce wine in Italy

To make money with wine, there's a simple solution: already being a millionaire. Giacomo Arrigoni strikes again with the documentary "Celebrity Wines,". This journey takes viewers from the heart of Puglia to the Tuscan vineyards, through the hills of Abruzzo and Piedmont.

Following the success of his previous film "Spicy Calabria" (which won 12 international festival awards and is currently distributed in Italy, the UK, the USA, Germany, and Japan), the new Rs Production documentary weaves together the untold stories of international celebrities who have embarked on the winemaking adventure on our lands. It's a different way to tell their stories, filled with tastes and anecdotes. Esmeralda Spadea serves as the common thread among these celebrities from sports, cinema, music, and art, as she embarks on a solo journey through Italy's vineyards. The trailer has just been released, revealing the protagonists of this long journey among the Italian vineyards. Here are the 9 VIPs of "Celebrity Wines."

The protagonists

Al Bano, an icon of Italian music, and Ronn Moss, a renowned American actor and musician, share a deep passion rooted in their Puglia. At the Cellino San Marco estate, Al Bano reveals the importance of family roots in his winemaking, blending his musical career with a dedication to wine. Ronn Moss, amidst the Californian-like atmosphere of the Puglian vineyards, celebrates the continued success that Italy has brought to his life.

Al Bano

In the evocative "Territory of Tognazza" near Rome, Tognazzi reconnects with affectionate memories through wines that are true labels of emotions. Here, winemaking becomes a tribute to the past, family bonds, and childhood, keeping the legacy of his father Ugo Tognazzi alive.

Former Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli, in the heart of Abruzzo at Podere Castorani in the province of Pescara, has managed to combine the fast pace of his racing career with the slow, patient time of the vineyards. His passion for wine translates into labels that spread the winemaking tradition of Abruzzo around the world: montepulciano, trebbiano, and pecorino above all.

Message in a bottle

In the Tuscan hills of Palagio, Trudie Styler and Sting transform their artistic passion into wine: assisted by oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, their stories blend with musical notes, cinematic memories, and the richness of the Tuscan territory, featuring both well-known and lesser-known anecdotes.

In Monferrato, Anderson Hernanes creates labels inspired by biblical passages at Ca’ Del Profeta, merging his international football experience with the spirituality of wine. In Canavese, Johnson Righeira of the musical duo "Righeira" experiments with amphora wines and yeast refermentations.

Return to Romagna

At Finale Vistamare, in the beautiful Romagna loved by Carlo Cracco and Rosa Fanti, rare native grape varieties like pagadebit and grechetto gentile are revived. It all started with Rosa, who, together with Carlo, decided to buy a farm in her hometown of Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna.

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