Where to eat in Valle d'Itria, the 16 best restaurants

Nov 28 2023, 09:07
The Valle d'Itria extends across the provinces of Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto, encompassing towns and villages that are true gems and absolutely worth getting to know and visiting

The Valle d'Itria also represents an incredible array of excellent products, foremost among them extra virgin olive oil and wine, not to mention cured meats (such as Martina Franca capocollo), dairy products, cheeses, bread and bakery items, vegetables—a universe of flavours. Here are the 16 best restaurants in the Valle d'Itria chosen by Gambero Rosso.

Where to eat in Alberobello (BA)

Evo Ristorante

Restaurant. A forward-thinking project dedicated to the territory by Gianvito Matarrese, a determined young man aiming to create value in his Alberobello. Historic centre, a seductive setting, with few seats indoors plus some in the garden with an orchard, from which the chef daily sources ingredients for his confidently managed tasting menus, presenting well-balanced colours, aromas, and flavours. Alongside the wine list featuring local and non-local references, there's also a curated selection of olive oils to pair with the dishes. Possible stopover in trulli furnished with antiques.

Evo Ristorante – via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1 – 320 8481230-393 9142543 – evoristorante.com

Where to eat in Castellana Grotte (BA)


Gourmet Break. At its core, it might seem "only" a shop specialising in hyper-selected organic products beautifully displayed on the shelves, but in reality, there is much more here. Meals start with breakfast, marked by quality espressos and cappuccinos paired with delicious pastries, then progresses to snacks, quick lunches, afternoon teas, and aperitifs. All this enjoyed comfortably seated in the cosy indoor spaces or outdoors (weather permitting), but above all surrounded by grace, kindness, and smiles.

Maiakera – via della Resistenza, 123/A – 349 3524606 – maiakera.it

Where to eat in Locorotondo (BA)

Anima Ristorante

Restaurant. A "youthful" establishment that stands out from the town's average thanks to a modern culinary proposal that ventures in multiple directions. The ambiance is characterised by stone cross-vaults, contemporary furnishings, refined table settings, and proper lighting. On the table intriguing dishes with well-balanced flavours, such as salt-cured beef with raspberry reduction, strozzapreti pasta with pumpkin cream, leek, and amaretto, monkfish with Jerusalem artichoke velouté and lemon. Carefully curated wine list, with options available by the glass. Also owns a bed and breakfast.

Anima Ristorante – via Cisternino, 8 (corso XX Settembre, 126) – 375 5852066 – animaristorante.it

Where to eat in Noci (BA)

Restaurant. Set in a charming complex of trulli, with a limited number of covers and several small rooms, the place offers an elegant and evocative location. The young chef Francesco Laera impresses with his expertise, blending technique and creative cooking characterised by innovative pairings and precise cooking methods. The menu reflects a strong connection to the local territory while also showcasing a distinct vision that yields three available tasting menus. To complete the experience, there's a selection of internationally renowned wines. Reservations recommended.

Fè – via G. Pastore, 2 – 080 3215963 – feristorante.it

Where to eat in Putignano (BA)

Botteghe Antiche

Trattoria. You'll find the venue in the heart of the historic centre, featuring an open kitchen, industrial-style furnishings, and wooden elements, suggesting a homage to the past while shining in the present. Alongside this, Stefano D’Onghia's identity proposal moves forward, driven by seasonality and personal reinterpretations of traditional recipes and products. Homemade bread and focaccia, along with an impressive cellar of around 800 labels, which delights every wine lover.

Botteghe Antiche – piazza Plebiscito, 8 – 080 4911813 - bottegheantiche.com

Angelo Sabatelli

Restaurant. A subtly lit room that’s elegantly set up. The entrance doorway remains the evocative threshold of a venue that stands as a reference point for the enhancement of mostly regional ingredients. Angelo Sabatelli's Puglia is a carousel of intense and diverse flavours, a palette of dishes where he skillfully blends colours and textures, tastes, and temperatures. An engaging experience, complemented by a rich and well-curated selection of wines.

Angelo Sabatelli – via Santa Chiara, 1 – 080 4052733 – angelosabatelliristorante.com

Where to eat in Carovigno (BR)

Già sotto l’Arco

Restaurant. Gorgeous setting in a pristine eighteenth-century palace. We are in the Valle d'Itria, an area renowned for its high-density production of ingredients, ranging from cheeses to cured meats, wines to extra virgin olive oil. Teodosio and Teresa Buongiorno, husband and wife, have always been believers in this high-craft enterprise that combines respect for tradition, creativity, and sophistication. She, the chef, creates strictly seasonal dishes; he manages an impressive wine list where regional wineries are well represented.

Già sotto l’Arco – corso Vittorio Emanuele, 71 – 0831 996286 – giasottolarco.it

Casale Ferrovia

Restaurant. Despite being right next to the railway, once you step inside, you find yourself in a tranquil oasis. Credit goes to the hosts, Giuseppe Galeone and Maria Lanzillotti, who work to convey to guests the feeling of being in a beautiful home. The natural stone surfaces and thoughtful design complement a high-quality culinary experience. The menu features simple dishes that nod to tradition, using ingredients not limited to the local area. The bread basket, accompanied by homemade olive oil, is noteworthy. There's also an extensive wine list.

Casale Ferrovia – s.da prov.le 34 via Stazione, 1 – 0831 990025 - casaleferrovia.it


Trattoria. Nestled in the alleys of the historic centre, with its stone rooms, Cibus is a temple of local flavours. The menu is rooted in peasant tradition: chickpea soup, carbonara with wild asparagus, fava bean puree served in terracotta bowls, but also handmade “orecchiette di prete” with cacioricotta cheese and tomato. The cheeses and cured meats are aged in-house. The essence of the Valle d'Itria is felt in the main courses: horse meat roulade in ragù, lamb roasted in the oven, podolico veal. The wine cellar focuses on regional wines but also offers good national selections.

Cibus – via Chianche di Scarano, 7 – 0831 388980 – ristorantecibus.it

EnoCocus Acini & Carbone

Steakhouse. Hidden among the alleys in the heart of the town, it's an address that has become famous throughout Italy for its top-quality meat, expertly cooked by Francesco Barletta, a highly regarded grill chef among the nation's best. When it comes to the cuts of meat, they are far from ordinary: they undergo extended ageing and dry ageing, skillfully enhanced by Francesco. To accompany such delicacies, there's an extensive wine selection available by the glass. Reservations are highly recommended.

EnoCocus Acini & Carbone – via Pendinello, 2 (vico II Chirulli) – 388 8631022 – Facebook

Where to eat in Cisternino (BR)

Chirico Bistrot

Bistro. In a quiet spot in the center, near the Norman-Swabian Tower, it's the right place for a simple aperitif or a full meal in a welcoming atmosphere characterised by good background music and a relaxed, convivial ambiance. If the aim is just to nibble, there are tapas, tartares, gourmet sandwiches, mixed platters, the typical meat "bombette," and other tasty treats. Alternatively, there are Mediterranean and traditional Puglia dishes that are very satisfying. To drink, cocktails, wines, and spirits.

Chirico Bistrot – via San Quirico, 23 – 080 4448661 - Facebook

Where to eat in Fasano (BR)

Due Camini a Borgo Egnazia

Restaurant. In one of Italy's most iconic resorts, chef Domingo Schingaro offers a cuisine of memory and care, placing flavour at the centre. While honouring the strength of Puglia tradition, there's an equal focus on innovative thinking. The aim is sustainability, not just as a protocol but as a heartfelt choice, supporting small local producers. Three tasting menus – Selva, Criànze, and Foglie – are offered, also available with reduced number of dishes. On Tuesdays, there's a chef's table in the kitchen with a unique and dedicated menu. Adequate wine cellar, tasteful ambience. Reservations recommended.

Due Camini a Borgo Egnazia – frazione Savelletri strada comunale Egnazia – 080 2255351 – ristoranteduecamini.it

Where to eat in Ostuni (BR)

Piazzetta Cattedrale

Restaurant. Reliable establishment in the square facing the Cathedral, renowned for its splendid stained glass window. A single room with a few tables, starry vaults, crystal chandeliers, limestone lamps, ceramics, and shelves adorned with bottles on the walls. The culinary proposal starts with local products and tradition, yet it incorporates successful creative elements. There is a variety of fish-based dishes, and during autumn, dishes featuring porcini mushrooms and even truffles are available. The wine cellar boasts numerous selections, not limited to regional ones. Reservations are recommended.

Piazzetta Cattedrale – largo Arcidiacono T. Trinchera, 7 – 0831 335026 – piazzettacattedrale.it

Where to eat in San Vito dei Normanni (BR)

La Locanda di Nonna Mena

Trattoria. A solid reality in the historic centre, fashioned from the renovated "grandmother's house," where the grandchildren have created a convivial and welcoming environment, an ideal setting to enjoy comforting traditional cuisine with creative touches. The ingredients, genuine and seasonal, often come from Slow Food Presidia; homemade fresh pasta and desserts, as well as after-dinner liqueurs, are frequently featured; most vegetables and greens are grown on-site. To finish, there's moka coffee, dry pastries, or tiramisu. Mostly regional wines are available, with options by the glass.

La Locanda di Nonna Mena – via T. Edison, 30 – 349 6724204 - lalocandadinonnamena.com

Where to eat in Villa Castelli (BR)

Uva Viva

Wine Bar. The mastermind behind this establishment, situated on the main street of the town, is Oronzo Di Bari, known to everyone as Ronny, driven by a great passion for his region and wine. Enthusiastic oenophiles, whether experts, beginners, or simply curious, come here certain of finding the right bottle, often a discovery resulting from the owner's "on-field" research. Accompanying the wine are rich platters of quality cheeses and cured meats, crostini, focaccia, bruschetta, preserved vegetables, grilled vegetables, delicious desserts, and much more.

Uva Viva – corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 40 – 339 5935527 - Facebook

Where to eat in Martina Franca (TA)

Terra Terra Questione di Radici

Trattoria. A small, cosy establishment nestled among the "chianche" paving in the historic centre of Martina Franca. Here, the keyword is "scazzico" (translated as ‘tasting a bit of everything’), offering simple yet well-executed dishes: pink veal carpaccio, stracciatella cheese, persimmon and rocket cream, broad beans and chicory, capunti pasta with sausage, cardoncelli mushrooms, and tomatoes, the inevitable fried meatballs made of bread and eggs typical of the Itria Valley, oven-baked bombette, and almond panna cotta. The predominantly regional wine cellar and craft beers complement the menu offerings.

Terra Terra Questione di Radici – via G. Mazzini, 37 – 080 4859738 – Facebook

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