Where to eat in Bardonecchia, the 7 best restaurants according to Gambero Rosso

Dec 8 2023, 13:03
In Alta Val di Susa, about an hour from Turin and less than three hours from Milan, Bardonecchia is a popular holiday resort with more than a hundred kilometres of ski slopes. The table is dominated by strong flavours and preparations that are influenced by its proximity to France, such as fondue, to name but one example

In addition to being the westernmost municipality in Piedmont and Italy, Bardonecchia is a renowned holiday resort that boasts more than one hundred kilometres of ski slopes, with related facilities, a snow park, snowshoeing trails, in short, an irresistible temptation for enthusiasts. At the table, decisive flavours dominate and preparations that are influenced by the proximity of France, such as fondue, to name but one example.

Bardonecchia’s best restaurants


Trattoria. On the town's main street, a long-established family-run establishment with a typical Piedmontese culinary offering. On the menu are veal in tuna sauce, knife-beaten Fassona, agnolotti del plìn with roast gravy or Bra sausage, polenta concia, venison in civet, braised in Nebbiolo wine. If you are particularly hungry, opt for the 'polentata', polenta accompanied by morsels of Fassona beef, venison in civet, Cavour sausage and cheese. Alternatively, pizzas, also available with different doughs.

Bardosteria – via G. F. Medail, 33 – 0122 99862 – bardosteria.it


Restaurant. One and trine, an inn with delightful rooms, a shop for food and wine purchases and last but not least, a table of commendable consistency of quality, for over thirty years a reference you can count on. All this in a loving cottage with a garden. The cuisine, in the expert hands of Paolo Romano, has its strong point in the careful choice of ingredients. Examples: venison carpaccio with red cabbage; steamed cannelloni, ragout and Grana Padano cream; roast suckling pig roast. Worthy of praise is the wine list, which has an international flavour.

Biovey – via Generale Cantore, 2 – 0122 999215 – biovey.it


Restaurant. A corner of Trinacria, an original and unusual sign that brings Sicilian colours, scents and flavours to the high mountains. The raw materials come almost entirely from the island and are used to prepare dishes such as caponata, arancini, tagliatelle with pistachio pesto and burrata cheese, spaghetti with sardines, meatballs with sauce, Messina-style salt cod, and the inevitable cannolo, perhaps accompanied by a glass of zibibbo. Wine selection on the line.

Caropepe – via G. F. Medail, 82 – 0122 96973 – ristorantecaropepe.it

La Cave

Restaurant. Just a few minutes from the centre, a tasteful, modern ambience with slightly crowded tables makes for a more than worthwhile stop. If there are two of you and you feel like something different, you can order fondue bourguignonne (various meats to be cooked in hot oil) or chinoise (meats to be cooked in boiling broth), pierrade (mixed meats to be grilled at the table) and chapeau tartare, then raclette, fondue savoyarde, bagna cauda, polenta in various ways, escargot... In short, there is a lot of fun to be had here at the table.

La Cave – via Genova, 4 – 0122 600002 – ristorantelacave.it

Cover photo from La Cave

La Filanda

Restaurant. Easily reached from the railway station via the subway, it is a super-classic and reliable address in Bardonecchia dining. Even the ambience is classic, reassuring, as is the linary proposal. The bread is homemade and baked in the same oven in which the pizzas are baked (in a thin version); the fresh pasta and desserts are homemade. The menu caters for every need, moving from the land to the sea with equal satisfaction. Wine list not extensive but centred on the offer.

La Filanda – via G. F. Medail, 100 – 0122 620267

Lalimentari Piola Montanara Moderna

Wine Bar. This is an address that lends itself to a satisfying gourmet break at different times, for sumptuous aperitifs, quick lunches and dinners, with the added option of buying quality wine and food specialities. The menu is a little tight, but changes very frequently, guaranteeing market ingredients; the place is nice and there is a pleasant atmosphere. The wine selection is substantial, with quite a few gourmet goodies. A word of warning: to be sure of the serving times, it is best to telephone.

Lalimentari Piola Montanara Moderna – viale della Vittoria, 65/A – 0122 96329 – lalimentaribardonecchia.it

Harald’s Ski Restaurant Bar

Bistro. In a beautiful location on the ski slopes, it is a typical mountain building with a warm, rustic interior. It opens at 7.30 a.m. for breakfast and goes on until dinner with a tasty and entertaining offer, well-made for all tastes: bagna cauda (warm olive oil, garlic and anchovy sauce), raclette, polenta with various sauces, succulent grilled meats, sushi, sashimi, pokè, as well as a few first courses and burgers, including the Bardo (dedicated to Bardonecchia) with raclette, speck, sage-braised onion, lettuce and gherkins.

Harald’s Ski Restaurant Bar – Campo Smith regione Molino, 18 – 0122 99002 – Facebook



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