The 5 best pastry shops in Bari according to Gambero Rosso

Nov 29 2023, 15:09
Almond pastries, typical Puglia “sospiri,” traditional sweets, but also internationally inspired and trendy pastry creations that are good for everyone: Bari is a city that offers a lot to dessert lovers

Known as “the Gateway to the East,” Bari boasts a breathtaking waterfront, perfect for a winter stroll, and a truly fascinating ancient city. Rich in art and history, the capital of Puglia is also a very modern city that shows great vibrancy in the world of sweet treats. There are the right addresses for enthusiasts of French pastry, those seeking more international and trendy specialties, establishments that honour local tradition, and those offering pastries for everyone.

There are many talented pastry chefs and venues to indulge in a fabulous breakfast or snack, to buy a cake for celebrating a special occasion, enjoy gelato, or have a great aperitif, embellished with exquisite savoury pastries. Let's explore the 5 best pastry shops in Bari according to the Gambero Rosso Pasticceri & Pasticcerie 2024 guide.

The 5 best pastry shops in Bari

Andy Havlik

Opened in 2022, this establishment is managed by the pastry chef, barely in his thirties, Andy Havlik, originally from the Czech Republic and with training experience in England, France, and Ireland. It's a well-maintained and modern venue where, working with technique and creativity, excellent ingredients—many sourced locally—are used to offer refined pastry creations, a balanced fusion of French and local styles. There are great delights from the viennoiserie: in addition to the unmissable croissants (even cubic and two-coloured), the lemon puff pastries with meringue and lime, Venetian-style pastries, hazelnut and chocolate financiers are also worth trying. The tidy displays feature macarons, petits fours, and single-portion pastries like a perfect lemon tart. The savoury items accompanying the aperitif are original, from cheese and pancetta swirls, to ham and cheese pain suisse.

Andy Havlik – Via Gaetano Salvemini, 44 -

Celeste Ancona Dolcecaffè

She was practically “born” in the family bakery, Celeste Ancona, where she dedicated herself to making pastries from a very young age, a passion she deepened through study and research, expressing it every day in her well-crafted pastry creations and on her blog. Her specialties are a thoughtful blend of tradition and modernity. Her large leavened pastries and breakfast pastries are well-made, ranging from the “simple” croissant to New York rolls, from tasty pain au chocolat to muffins. On the counter, there are also slices, tartlets, the typical “nun's breasts” pastries, and almond paste sweets. She has a good hand with pies and cakes, balanced and well-presented, such as the Sacher torte, lemon cake, and decorated celebration cakes. Guests can also enjoy aperitif, accompanied by delicious savoury pastries.

Celeste Ancona Dolcecaffè – Via Armando Diaz, 34 -

Pino Ladisa

The well-maintained shop windows are an excellent business card and reveal a lot about the skill of the pastry chef, Pino Ladisa, who creates pastries where technique meets tradition, using excellent ingredients. The rich assortment of croissants and brioches makes the choice difficult. Light, crispy, they convince at the first bite, as do the delicious macarons, single portions, and petits fours. Creativity reaches its peak in chocolate craftsmanship, starting from the fun choco sushi, perfect for gifting. Absolutely worth trying are the stunning cakes, such as the reimagined Saint Honoré or the Creola, composed of a brownie base, banana and caramel compote, and peanut mousse. The savoury offer for a snack are excellent, the gelato and large leavened pastries during the holidays are a guarantee of quality.

Pino Ladisa - Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 199 -

Pasticceria Perulli Eugenio

It's only two years old, but the pastry shop of Eugenio Perulli has already gained widespread public approval. It's attentive to trends while being suitable for everyone, thanks to a rich vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free offer. The breakfast stars include New York rolls, cubic (vegan) or two-coloured croissants, cream-filled maritozzi, pain suisse, and delicious seasonal desserts, such as mini Tropezienne tarts with mango namelaka, or puff pastry with ricotta and figs. Among the wide range of cakes, the trendiest creations for celebrations are extremely popular, such as drip cakes, flower cakes, bento and poke cakes, as well as the so-called ugly cakes. The traditional offerings are also well-received, including zeppole, excellent almond pastries, cupeta, and beautiful Easter scarcelle. The packaging for the Christmas 2023 panettone is original (and sustainable), enclosed in beautiful sofa cushion covers with a Christmas theme.

Pasticceria Perulli Eugenio – Via Amendola, 195 B/C - Instagram

Salvatore Petriella

The venue, nestled within the splendid structure of the Petruzzelli Theatre, alone is worth a visit, but those who come here primarily do so for the specialties by Salvatore Petriella, a pastry chef with a skillful hand and always attentive to combining taste and aesthetics. The breakfast leavened pastries are truly excellent, perfect to pair in the morning with high-quality coffee and tea, while for a purchase or indulgence, there's a rich array of petits fours, cookies, macarons, beautiful cakes, and fruit tarts. Don't miss the single portions, ranging from the excellent Sacher torte to extravagant creations like the Cappuccino to go, which evokes the flavours of the beverage and the shape of a classic take-away cup.

Salvatore Petriella - Via Salvatore Cognetti, 14 -



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