Pistacchio Verde di Bronte Dop, the green gold of Sicily

Jul 19 2022, 08:28 | by Loredana Sottile
From the Etna town of Bronte, the small green nut has travelled all around the world. What makes it unique is the lava soil and chlorophyll which lends its intense colour. Needless to say, it is good on everything: from sweet to savoury, it's an ingredient with a magic touch

Pistacchio Verde di Bronte Dop

A dried fruit nut with a taste and aroma that's universally recognized as unique and particular, a feast for taste buds. We're talking about green gold, that's how pistachios from Bronte are defined and not only for their intense colour that distinguishes them from other family varieties, but for their wealth in beneficial properties and for economic development in the territory that produces it. Harvest takes place at the end of summer, between August and September, but only in alternate years: one year is harvested, the following year the buds are eliminated to protect the plant. And this makes it even more valuable.

The bond with Sicily

Sicily is the only Italian region where pistachio is produced and Bronte - the Etna town that gives birth to it - boasts 3,000 hectares of specialized cultivation, representing the main growing area covering over 90% of Italian production. A fruit that comes from afar, from Persia and Turkey through the Mediterranean, and that has a very ancient history: already known and cultivated by the ancient Jews, who believed it to be a precious fruit, the cultivation of pistachio was then increased and experimented by the Arabs, who elected the island, in particular on the slopes of Etna, as the natural habitat for a luxuriant and peculiar development of the plant. The pistachio of Bronte owes its valuable and unique characteristics to its territory: everything is due to the extraordinary combination of the plant and the lava soil which, constantly fertilized by volcanic ash, gives rise to a fruit which, from the taste perspective and for the sweet and delicate aroma, is unique and very recognizable compared to the rest of the world's production. Last but not least, the increased presence of chlorophyll, superior to other types of pistachio, responsible for the nut's intense green colour.

How to enjoy it?

It's appropriate to say that 'it goes well with everything'. From sweet to savoury, from pesto to spreadable cream, whole or chopped: it's always the right time to taste 'green gold'. Have you ever tried it in shrimp risotto or in the form of ice cream? Or, in order not to move away from its origins, as an arancino condiment? Furthermore, we mustn't forget the health benefits for our body: it helps to counteract many risk factors for the cardiovascular system and to reduce blood sugar levels; pistachios are cholesterol-free and rich in protein, potassium and vitamin E as well as minerals. The WHO recommends consuming 30g of pistachios a day as a snack. So why disappoint them?

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