In Milan there is a café serving speciality coffee where you can buy used books

Dec 6 2023, 16:31
One of those places where you come by and stay for hours without even realising it: the atmosphere is priceless, but the gastronomic offer is no less so

It doesn't need a big sign: passing this place along Via Stoppani, amidst period buildings, shops and clothing boutiques, it is impossible not to be attracted by the shop windows. Desserts in full view? Fine bottles stacked on shelves? No, books. Lots of second-hand books. And yes, good food, too.

Longs Song Books, second-hand books and speciality cafés

Located in Porta Venezia, Milan, voilà Long Song Books & Café, a little place open since 2021 and always very crowded, not only when it hosts book presentations. The gastronomic offer is not the star here, it plays a perfect co-starring role, in synch with the beauty of the shelves overflowing with used books, including special editions and titles of the moment. It is a bar and bookshop, it seems banal but it is not at all: creating a proper literary café, managing to maintain a good balance between both parts is not easy. Here, however, the coexistence between the two souls is not only peaceful, it’s exemplary.

Long Song Books is worth entering if only for the beautiful atmosphere inside, created by the friendly service of the owners, the reclaimed wooden furniture, and above all that so European air that one breathes when observing the many people intent on studying, reading or working seated at small tables, sipping a good espresso.

Excellent, indeed, thanks to the fine selection of coffees: carefully extracted speciality coffees with a deep and well-balanced aromatic profile, also an excellent base for a cappuccino with artfully whipped milk. Biscuits, muffins, slices of cake and tarts, breakfast in Via Stoppani tastes homemade, of fragrant homemade shortbread and good jams.

Cicchetti and focaccia

The gastronomic proposal is moderate but well varied, made with simple, seasonal and always fresh ingredients. For aperitifs, assorted cicchetti veneti, crostini with baccalà mantecata or anchovies butter, or bruschetta with grilled vegetables and cured meats.

For a more substantial lunch break, delicious hot and cold dishes: gazpacho, pappa al pomodoro, stuffed focaccia, wrap, vitello tonnato, chicken salad, all accompanied by fresh sourdough bread. To drink, glasses of wine, juices, cocktails, and also a good range of draught beers, which can also be enjoyed outdoors, when the weather allows: if the indoor space wins in terms of furnishings and atmosphere, the outdoor area has the upper hand with the many vintage trunks with second-hand books placed in front of the tables. Bar, bookshop and even a market; there is really nothing lacking here.

Long Song Books & Café - via A. Stoppani, 11 – Facebook

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