An Aglianico del Vulture that costs less than 10 euros awarded by Gambero Rosso for the best value for money

Nov 29 2023, 13:02
The award for the best value-for-money wine in Italy from the Berebene 2024 guide has been granted to an Aglianico del Vulture that costs less than 10 euros. Here are more details

Established in the second half of the 1950s by around thirty founding members, Cantina di Venosa is one of the most important and longstanding cooperatives in Southern Italy. Today, it comprises over 350 contributors who manage a vineyard area of 800 hectares, divided into small plots scattered among the districts of Vulture, most suited for the cultivation of Aglianico – the absolute protagonist of the range with at least ten labels, including both pure varietals and blends. Apart from Venosa, the vineyards extend across the towns of Ripacandida, Maschito, and Ginestra. However, the remaining production of Malvasia, Moscato, Merlot should not be overlooked, as it is consistently appreciated for its quality and reliability, not to mention its highly favourable value-for-money aspect.

The wine with the best value for money in Italy according to the Berebene 2024 guide

This aspect is particularly evident in the label that we awarded with our National Prize for the Best Wine under 10 Euros. It is the Aglianico del Vulture Baliaggio '21 which, after maturation in oak barrels, exhibits a beautiful intense and deep ruby colour. On the nose, it reveals aromas of ripe red fruits enlivened by citrusy notes and mountain herbs. On the palate, it is rich, dynamic, and closes with persistent fruity notes, with tannins of appreciable finesse and craftsmanship. The finish is long and juicy. What more can one expect from a red wine under 7 euros? Perfect for cold winter evenings, especially if paired with a hearty wild boar stew.


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