Discover the best 6 ice cream parlors in Cagliari chosen by Gambero Rosso

Apr 16 2024, 14:43
Six ice cream parlors in Cagliari have been selected by our Gelaterie 2024 guide. Here they are

Ricotta, sugar, saffron, orange and lemon zest. These are the indispensable ingredients of the pardula filling, the quintessential Sardinian dessert that can also be found in the form of gelato in Cagliari. Here are the best ice cream parlors in the city according to our Gelaterie 2024 guide.

The best ice cream parlors in Cagliari


Chiccheria is the Sardinian branch of the homonymous gelateria in Marina di Grosseto. Manuele Presenti, a nationally renowned master gelato maker, decided to open a venue in Cagliari that fully reflects a great attention to detail and a search for high quality. The spaces are decidedly small in size, but meticulously cared for and very welcoming, offering the possibility to take away a tub of gelato or to enjoy it sitting on one of the benches on the sidewalk near the entrance. Chiccheria offers high-quality gelato. Pistachio, hazelnut, and chocolate are excellent choices, but those looking for something new will surely be satisfied by flavors that reflect local recipes like the pardula, a Sardinian dessert with ricotta and saffron enriched with almond brittle. There are also very indulgent flavors, but always very balanced, such as caramel and salted peanut.

via D. Alighieri, 5 – 348 5669008 -

I Fenu Gelateria e Pasticceria

I Fenu not only offer high-quality gelato, made from selected and self-processed raw materials, totally free of preservatives and semi-finished products, but also gelato where (almost) all the ingredients are strictly Sardinian, from small artisans in the area. The proposal, therefore, is firmly anchored to the territory, except for chocolate or vanilla. The flavors, apart from some evergreens, change constantly, following the seasons, but also the whim and creativity of Fabrizio (he is the gelato maker, while Maurizia takes care of the sweets and yeasts). The pardula, a typical Sardinian dessert with saffron and ricotta, is superb, the cream with Vernaccia di Oristano is very good, and the quince and red wine flavor is unique and convincing. Even the cones are homemade: crispy waffles made of brioche to be filled on the spot. Panettone and doves, increasingly good year after year.

piazza G. Galilei, 35 – 070 4655045 -

Il Gelato Aresu

A small sign in the dynamic and lively San Benedetto district, just a few steps from the famous market. For years the management has been all-female, by the Aresu sisters, Caterina and Elisa. Cozy and well-kept, the gelateria has some seating where you can sit down for a quick breakfast, have a good coffee, or enjoy an ice cream with tranquility. The latter, of good quality, properly churned and with the right amount of sugar, comes in a list of flavors ranging from classic creams, to fruit flavors (following the seasonality), to more particular combinations. The traditional custard is very good, as well as the fiordilatte or the pardula, but among the most popular flavors, pistachio from Bronte or hazelnut IGP from Piedmont stand out. Among the more original proposals, orange and chili has convinced, with its delicate spiciness, or yogurt, honey, and pine nuts, light and delicious.

via V. Monti, 58 – 366 5271048

Gelatificio di Federico

A small, simple, and well-kept laboratory, properly managed by Federico (in the cover photo), a great gelato enthusiast who wanted to put his name on the sign of the place. Everything is focused on local products here, following the seasons and producing very well-made gelato, with the right creaminess, respectful of different flavors, and properly churned. The origin of each ingredient, especially fruit, is indicated, so you can taste strawberries from Arborea, figs from Pula, melons from Flumini, or peaches from Villacidro. And also persimmons, prickly pears, yogurt, not to mention some exotic flavors like coconut or coffee. A menu that creates a true territorial "marketing" that intrigues, but above all delights the nose and palate. The service is friendly and there is no lack of speed and availability.

corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 185 – 392 1799421


For over forty years, Luca and Luisa Soncini have poured so much passion and skill into their place. In this small artisanal laboratory, high quality is achieved. The right amount of sugar, impeccable temperature, together with expert churning, provide a creamy and balanced texture, full of harmony. Speaking of flavors, while classic ones like hazelnut, stracciatella, and chocolate remain well-executed evergreens, creative and surprising combinations find space, such as Mille Voglie (zabaglione cream and caramel) or one of the most popular in the house: the malaga, egg cream variegated with soaked raisins in muscat. Amazing. Local flavors are also present with S'aranzada, a tribute to a typical dessert from Nuoro made with orange peel, almonds, and honey.

via D. Alighieri, 123 – 349 6405314

Gli Stefini Artigiani del Gelato

This is the second ice cream parlor opened in Cagliari after the original one in Bologna, and now Stefini Artigiani del Gelato has been a reference point in southern Sardinia for over ten years. Formerly operational in a delightful square in the Marina district, they had to change location due to a road closure where they were located for exceptional restructuring of the entire area. The range of flavors is limited, but the goodness of both the ice creams and sorbets is great and perceptible from the first taste. The ice cream is creamy, velvety, measured in the amount of sugars, and declined in well-interpreted classics such as zabaglione, pistachio, and hazelnut. The chocolate, delicious and authentic, is also to be discovered in the sorbet version. The latter, based on water in the fruit version, especially in summer with seasonal products, is a guarantee. It is possible to find Stefini around the city, thanks to a little van or bikes with incorporated tubs.

via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 194

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