Crazy Pizza opens in Naples challenging Gino Sorbillo. Flavio Briatore's brand also arrives in Saudi Arabia

Mar 20 2024, 15:08
Crazy Pizza is opening ten new restaurants worldwide. In addition to the opening in Naples, there is one in Neom, an artificial region under construction in the desert of Saudi Arabia

Crazy Pizza is doubling its locations. The Majestic group of Flavio Briatore and Francesco Costa - which controls the brand of the most acrobatic pizza in the world - announces the opening of ten new restaurants. After London, Monte Carlo, Rome, Milan, Porto Cervo, Catania, Riyadh, Doha, Kuwait City, Crazy Pizza once again arrives in the Middle East, Europe - where Italy is also involved with two new dining spots - and the United States.

Crazy Pizza openings in Italy

We are all eagerly awaiting the opening of the restaurant in Naples, overlooking Vesuvius, which will see the light in May next year. Gino Sorbillo is also curious about this new opening, as he said to Gambero Rosso: "I would like to see how his pizza would work here (in Naples). I am curious to see how Briatore's format would be welcomed." And regarding the new Vesuvio pizza (made with buffalo mozzarella from Paestum, smoked provola from the Lattari Mountains, Provolone del Monaco, and tomatoes from Piennolo), Sorbillo added: "If you roll it out with a rolling pin, call it something else."

Briatore himself responded to the Neapolitan pizza maker with a video posted on Instagram, emphasizing how his new pizza was more Neapolitan than Sorbillo's pineapple pizza: "He makes pineapple pizza, but I have been to Naples several times and I have never seen pineapple plants. I don't understand where the Neapolitan aspect of pineapple is. Will the Piennolo tomato, buffalo mozzarella, or exotic fruit be more Neapolitan?" Briatore said.

New Crazy Pizza restaurants abroad

After Naples, Crazy Pizza also arrives in Marina di Varazze: Briatore focuses once again on seaside destinations, as he had already done with Porto Cervo, which will reopen in the coming months for the summer season. In Europe, Briatore's pizza also arrives in Belgrade in June. In the Middle East, a region of the world already fond of acrobatic pizza made in Italy with its four existing locations, a new one will open in Bahrain in early April; and one in Neom, the artificial region under construction in the desert of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Briatore, other professionals in the restaurant sector are involved in the Neom project, such as Norbert Niederkopfler. Among the countries where Crazy Pizza will arrive, the United States could not be missing, with an opening by the end of the year in New York and a series of inaugurations in other locations in the country in the East and West regions.

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