Bologna welcomes back the most “good” restaurant of the Summer, born from an ethical project

May 29 2024, 16:21
Battirame11, a summer restaurant that embodies both an ethical and gastronomic project, returns this year

For the fourth year, Massimiliano Poggi and Joan Crous join forces to implement a project that combines social and gastronomic value, ensuring neither aspect overshadows the other. This “successful blend of profit and non-profit,” as they call it, brings together Poggi’s culinary expertise with Crous’s dedication. Crous, a Catalan artist, founded the Eta Beta social cooperative and its offshoots in Bologna, such as Spazio Battirame: four hectares of organic gardens, with a nursery and a garden, facilities for artisan workshops, and a kitchen open year-round for events and work with trainees. These trainees include individuals from mental health services (CSM), addiction services (SERT), and unaccompanied foreign minors in highly vulnerable situations. During the summer, they work alongside Massimiliano Poggi’s team at Battirame11, a summer restaurant in the garden of Spazio Battirame. “We are very interested in having these two worlds meet, and for Poggi's experience to be not only narrated but also lived in the kitchen,” the cooperative explains. The aim is to create synergy between the two realities, providing a stimulating and formative experience for both. Additionally, the project’s economic sustainability allows it to grow autonomously, without reliance on assistance, offering a concrete example of ethical business practices that can encourage more conscious choices.

What's on the Menu at Battirame11

This year, Battirame11 opens its doors on June 4, following a preview on May 26, with a tasting menu made from Eta Beta’s urban garden produce and local artisans’ products. “Producers with whom we share a vision of work, respect for the land and animals,” explains Massimiliano Poggi. These include names like Zivieri, a long-time partner of the chef and this project. “The primary goal is to create a beautiful, comfortable environment with cuisine at reasonably popular and not exclusive prices,” adds chef Poggi. At Battirame11, you can go for an aperitif or dinner with a fixed menu: starter, first course, main course, and dessert, featuring plenty of vegetables and grilled meat. The menu changes weekly, priced at 45 euros plus drinks: not only wines, with about fifteen lovingly selected labels, but also cocktails from the VerdeRame bistro, which is also being developed to operate year-round on weekends. The space includes a rustic country house with an old terracotta stove that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Looking ahead to the upcoming summer, Battirame11 will enliven Bologna’s evenings from Tuesday to Saturday with food, drinks, and cultural events. This project of reclaiming spaces and identities uses food as a means of empowerment, fully developing a concept of hospitality and reception in both its business and social initiative senses.

Battirame 11 – Bologna - via del Battirame, 11 - 334 612 0997 -

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