Billie Eilish opens a vegan Italian cuisine restaurant in Los Angeles

Nov 30 2023, 11:11
The new establishment, opened in partnership with her brother Finneas, and restaurateur Nic Adler, will focus on typical Italian flavours, although it's not yet clear which of the twenty regions will be most involved

Pop music stars Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O'Connell have decided to invest in their own restaurant that will blend typical Italian cuisine flavours with a strictly vegan offering. It will occupy the space that previously housed Little Pine, another vegan restaurant opened in 2015 by Moby. The initial opening, at 2870 Rowena Avenue in the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles, was scheduled for last summer, but renovations extended, so the doors will open next month.

What will be served at the new restaurant, Argento

The menu, inspired by the Mediterranean, will be vegetable-forward and focus on fresh and plant-based flavours. Departing from the fast-food theme, Argento will prioritise vegetables over processed plant-based meat alternatives. Taking on the chef's hat will be former sous chef of Matthew Kenney, Scott Winegard (from Pure Food + Wine), a farmers' market enthusiast who will blend California flavours with Adler's creativity. “It's Italian, but not Italian-American with red and white checkered tablecloths,” Winegard stated to Los Angeles Magazine. Referencing the Mediterranean Sea, he enthusiastically talks about “vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, fermentation, lots of citrus zest, and herbs – fresh, beautiful, and delicious!

Brother and sister in music, business, and veganism

The pair already collaborate on producing, writing and performing most of Eilish's songs. Now, they've teamed up with vegan restaurateur Nic Adler to venture into the restaurant industry. “Veganism is for everyone,” said Eilish. “You don't have to be vegan to eat vegan. The world is much more beautiful than it used to be.” Venturing into the restaurant world is the latest example of Billie Eilish's advocacy for veganism. Vegan since the age of 12, Billie Eilish regularly writes articles about plant-based living. In recent years, she has collaborated with several brands to promote cruelty-free products, including a vegan leather bag from Gucci. She has also been outspoken about the climate crisis, joining a climate campaign last year to urge people to go vegan.

Who is Nic Adler?

He is the co-founder of Monty's Good Burger, a vegan fast-food chain with four locations in California. He is also the head of the popular plant-based restaurant Nic's On Beverley on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. “I love Italian food,” Adler declared to Los Angeles Magazine. “I love Sunday dinners—the longer, the better.” At Argento, Adler envisions weekends as “a revolving door with friends coming through, cooking, eating, and drinking together.” His deep appreciation for cinema greatly influences his love for cooking: “There's a scene in Goodfellas that reminds me of when I was younger,” says Nic Adler. “Bobby Darin on the radio; Paulie slicing garlic; Vinnie stirring the tomato sauce…”. Regarding his relationship with the O'Connell siblings, he added, “They are an integral part of the community,” Adler says about Eilish and her brother, Finneas O'Connell, whom he describes as a true foodie. The three met through Darkroom founder, Justin Lubliner


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