Arrosticini conquer New York, the Abruzzo dish is the new trending street food

Nov 17 2023, 16:03
The meat is Made in the USA, but the technique and spirit are 100% Abruzzese. That's how young Tom Costa introduced arrosticini to Americans

An Italian-American who chose to focus entirely on the emblematic product of Abruzzo, “arrosticini.” Meet Tommaso Conte, known as Tom, his D'Abruzzo Nyc is one of the trendiest street foods in New York. Colorado meat, an Abruzzese grill, and plenty of smiles are the winning recipe for this establishment.

Arrosticini in New York

His family hails from Caramanico Terme, and despite living in the United States, Tom has a bit of Abruzzo in his blood. That's why he didn't hesitate when it came to choosing the specialty to focus on. Often referred to as the 'king of New York lamb' (even though the meat for the skewers is from lamb...), Tom Conte offers wine, extra virgin olive oil, preserves, and typical desserts like ferratelle - an ancient and popular homemade wafer, traditionally sweet, made from a few simple ingredients typically available in Abruzzo farmhouse kitchens - at his stand.

While his base is in Brooklyn, his e-commerce website reaches all across the United States, thanks to the quality of his products and a clever marketing insight that led him to sell Abruzzo-themed merchandise. This has contributed to the growing recognition and appreciation of the Abruzzo region among Americans.

The Abruzzese Bee for the New York Markets

The absolute protagonists are the “arrosticini,” homemade using meat sourced from Colorado farms, cooked on the traditional grill, and served in hand-painted ceramic jugs for a genuine Abruzzo experience. Tom Conte himself prepares liqueurs, pickles, sauces, and all the pantry products available for sale on the website, in a laboratory in New York. These goods are then carried around by the legendary Ape, made in Italy—specifically Turin—constantly wandering through the markets of the Big Apple and beyond.


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