Angelini Wines & Estates loses another piece: after Lonardi, Ettore Nicoletto also leaves

Apr 8 2024, 17:23
Following Andrea Lonardi's departure, the CEO is also leaving. He will be replaced by Alberto Lusini from May onwards with the aim of achieving new market objectives. What is happening in the wine group?

Second goodbye in less than a month for Angelini Wines & Estates: Ettore Nicoletto, president and CEO, leaves the group after four years since his appointment. A month ago, Chief Operating Officer Andrea Lonardi did the same. "The decision," the winery states, "was made by mutual agreement and in total harmony with the shareholders, considering the first phase of the company's reorganization concluded." From May, Alberto Lusini will replace Nicoletto, after the approval of the 2023 budget.

Two significant departures in a month

The pattern, therefore, follows the same as Lonardi's: a seemingly smooth separation. However, it is surprising that in such a short time, two prominent figures like the Master of Wine Lonardi and the manager Nicoletto have stepped down from the Angelini brand, a reality that, across its six wineries distributed in Central-Northern Italy, has an overall production of approximately 4 million bottles per year, generating a turnover of 25 million euros.
If, instead, the decision was made within the board of directors, the mystery remains as to why give up on two true "ambassadors" of wine in the world?
The group's CEO, Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, speaks of a "path of positioning and growth" and the desire to achieve "new market milestones."

Who is Alberto Lusini

Even the replacement for Nicoletto, Alberto Lusini, refers to the intention to "explore new development directions" and "an important path of growth" for the group. Lusini brings with him twenty years of experience in the consumer packaged foods sector, particularly in beverages. He has served as CEO of the American business unit, MZB USA, for Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group spa, while in the world of wine, he has held managerial roles in Mezzacorona, Allegrini, and Gruppo Lunelli-Ferrari.

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