An Etna wine and a Pinot Nero named best Rosé Wines in Sicily by Gambero Rosso

Mar 5 2024, 15:25
Among the Sicilian wines awarded Tre Bicchieri or those reaching the final stages during the tastings for the Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia 2024 guide, two rosé wines have been recognized

Sicily has been demonstrating extraordinary dynamism for quite some time, placing itself prominently in the Italian and international markets. While the significant success of Sicilian wines, the "Sicilian renaissance" of a few years ago, was driven by reds, primarily Nero d'Avola, in recent years, there has been a grand return of whites. More than half of this year's awards go to high-quality whites, made from native grapes, complex, deep, capable of evolving over time, yet irresistible for immediate enjoyment.

Of course, red wines maintain their positions, with the 11 awarded wines being characterized by boldness, richness, longevity, yet delightful even when young. The sector of "natural" wines, if we want to define them as such, is in full ferment on the island, offering a range of labels that, in addition to meeting customary requirements, present themselves impeccably and well-executed even in the glass of the most discerning taster. Why not reward them? The reason probably lies in the emergence of a new generation of vineyard and cellar professionals, highly technically skilled but with clear ideals and objectives. A combination that cannot fail.

Almost two-thirds of the Tre Bicchieri awards for the Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia 2024 guide went to whites and reds (and a rosé) from the vineyards of Mount Etna. This is a confirmation of the extraordinary vocation of this terroir, surprising us each year with memorable tastings. However, the entire Sicily is confidently walking the path of quality, in every style, in every region, regardless of the size of the wineries, from large cooperatives to small artisanal winemakers or internationally renowned producers.

The Best Rosé Wines of Sicily

Here, we focus on the two Sicilian rosé wines that respectively received Tre Bicchieri and Due Bicchieri Rossi 2024 in the Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia guide. The protagonists are the Nerello Mascalese grape for the Etna Rosato and Pinot Nero for Cusumano's label.

Etna Rosato de Aetna 2022 by Terra Costantino:** The winery, pioneers of organic farming on Mount Etna, finally earned its first Tre Bicchieri for the strong coherence with which the Costantino family has always produced wine without shortcuts and compromises. The 2022 Etna Rosato exudes scents of roses, cherry, peach, and raspberry, with hints of thyme and basil. Fresh and saline, it opens well on the palate, balancing fruit and acidity, driven by a light yet lively tannicity that enhances its drinkability. Fabio Costantino, an avid environmentalist and passionate winemaker, represents the latest generation of a family cultivating vines and producing wine on the southern slope of Mount Etna since 1699.

Ramusa Tenuta Ficuzza 2022 by Cusumano (Pinot Nero):** Planted in Piana degli Albanesi, Cusumano has dedicated several hectares to Pinot Nero, partly used for their classic method and partly for a rosé. The 2022 Ramusa stands out for the breadth and clarity of its aromatic profile, ranging from red berries to mountain herbs, and for the freshness of its drink, made even more enjoyable by balanced fruit and a slight tannicity. Since the early 2000s, Alberto and Diego Cusumano have been clear that Sicily and its territories would be their guiding star, interpreted in a modern, elegant, even "simple" way; the wines would reveal the connection between grape varieties and individual terroirs, highlighting the drinkability, modernity, and pleasantness of each label. It was a winning project that made Cusumano an internationally successful Sicilian brand.

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