An architect restores abandoned land in Naples and opens a bar with a hidden garden

May 16 2024, 13:47
The mastermind behind Florist Bar is Stefania Salvetti, a landscape architect and direct grower. A place full of surprises, offering lavender cakes, bread with ricotta and honey, and drinks with edible flowers

In Santa Maria degli Angeli, not far from Rione Sanità, at the corner of a residential street, you’ll find a magical spot to have breakfast in an enchanting garden. It’s called The Florist Bar and it’s part of a larger urban redevelopment project. The idea was conceived in 2019 by Stefania Salvetti, a landscape architect and direct grower. Everything in the bistro is homemade with herbs, vegetables, and flowers picked each morning by the owner. The menu is intriguing and constantly changing, while the atmosphere is always delightful.

Cakes with fruits from reclaimed land

The interior of the bar is small but charming, with flower pots, wooden shelves, baskets full of lemons, magazines, and a lovely counter displaying jars of honey produced by Stefania. It opens in the morning, serving homemade cakes with lavender, lemon, rosemary, and whatever the land has to offer. The project started with this abandoned land in the center of Naples, reclaimed by the architect. "The farm is called Il Paradisiello," she says. "I work biodynamically, focusing on permaculture. A few years ago, the municipality asked me to manage some nearby gardens. The space was available, so I thought I’d try starting a business too."

Vegetarian dishes and flower cocktails

The Florist Bar is very popular, especially with foreign tourists who find an authentic environment and a little corner of peace in the city’s chaos. Alongside the cakes, there are slices of bread with ricotta and honey, and brunch options like bulgur with dried fruit and vegetables, sandwiches with burrata and cherry tomatoes, vegetables, and primo sale cheese.
To drink, besides coffee, there are fruit juices, medlar extract, and in the evening, it’s aperitif time with sandwiches, hummus, crudités, and especially cocktails with edible flowers, a house specialty. "My goal is to show the potential of abandoned land, which there is a lot of in Naples. They are real resources. I believe in targeted entrepreneurship; we need many more places like this."

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