A Riesling from Oltrepò Pavese is the best quality-price ratio wine in Lombardy according to Gambero Rosso

Dec 2 2023, 15:37
The prize for the best value for money wine from Lombardy in the Berebene 2024 guide was awarded to a Riesling from Oltrepò Pavese. Read on to learn more

In the historic family business, skilfully led by Paolo Verdi, the new generation, represented for now by his eldest son Jacopo, is stepping up to ensure the continuity of one of the most fascinating stories of the Oltrepò. Paolo, an authentic and rigorous winemaker, is the custodian of a wealth of experience built up harvest after harvest without ever resting on his laurels: he keeps the helm steady without ever stopping, as demonstrated by his recent re-entry into the Historic Buttafuoco Club, the acquisition of new pinot noir and pinot grigio vineyards, and the expansion of the cellar, which will also allow the ageing of small lots of the main crus.

Lombardy's best quality-price ratio wine for the Berebene 2024 guide

We have been repeating for years how Paolo is one of the best winemakers in the Oltrepò Pavese area, capable of ranging from reds to whites to Metodo Classico, always with peaks of the highest quality. As demonstrated by the Riesling Renano Vigna Costa '21 that we awarded with the Regional Prize for Lombardy in Gambero Rosso's Berebene 2024 guide: it has character and progression to spare, with scents of mint and basil anticipating a very fresh, rich and deep palate.





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