A new era for Casa del Supplì: opens a new location and considers franchising

Apr 18 2024, 18:16
A new sign for Casa del Supplì arrives in Rome, and it could be the beginning of a new major franchise

Casa del Supplì opens a venue on Viale Regina Margherita in Rome. It is the fourth - counting the first venue, now under different ownership - and it may not be the last. With this shop, in fact, there is a change of pace, noticeable at first glance: while the other locations fit into the typical style of Roman pizza al taglio, this represents an evolution with a more refined design, also designed for a lunch break for the employees of the many offices in the area, at high tables or - soon - in those of the outdoor area.

Venanzo Sisini

The new location of Casa del Supplì

A concrete expression of a new collaboration that brings together founder Venanzo Sisini and Marco Savaiano. A name that may not mean much to most, but is familiar to industry insiders, having worked for three decades within Alice Pizza, the largest Roman pizza al taglio chain, which now has franchises throughout Italy and a few shops in Europe and even one in the United States. The Casa del Supplì on Viale Regina Margherita is the first fruit of the union of two experiences: Savaiano's experience in franchise development (including delivery and a web app created specifically for this point of sale) and Sisini's almost fifty-year experience in pizza al taglio and fried foods as the Roman tradition teaches.

Sisini's story

The first location, in Via di San Francesco a Ripa, dates back to 1979. At the time it was simply known by the owners' surname: Sisini, then over time, the fame of their flagship product took over becoming Casa del Supplì. At the time, there was no talk of gourmet pizza or street food, but Venanzo and Alvaro Sisini's place was already well known throughout Rome. A few years later, in 1986, it doubled in Piazza Re di Roma where it still stands today with the sign that simply repeats the name of the square. The venue is larger and the offering is enriched with a wide variety of ready-made dishes for the hot table, but pizza and fried foods always play the leading role, to be enjoyed leaning on the shelves or high tables, or while walking past the windows of Via Appia Nuova. Here too the response from the public has never been lacking; the service is fast to clear the line, the counter is continuously filled, the fried foods come out almost without interruption. The winner of all is the supplì: old school breading, not too thick but crispy, ragù and mozzarella forming a fluid, tasty, almost always incandescent heart. Over time, cacio e pepe, tomato and basil, amatriciana, and carbonara supplì have also been added. Old school also for pizza: few peaks of imagination, but a wide proposal that moves between margherita, marinara, mushrooms, potatoes, crouton, those with vegetables and something more fashionable, like radicchio and gorgonzola, beef carpaccio and arugula and Parmesan or shrimp. No ingredients with long pedigrees: this is proudly popular pizza.

The success is such that at a certain point - in 2021 - there was the need to open a laboratory exclusively for supplì, in the Furio Camillo area, where there is another point of sale. At this point the times are ripe to think about further development: Venanzo Sisini does it together with Marco Savaiano. Together, they could become the authors of a new big chain of Roman pizza. We'll see.

La casa del Supplì - Roma - V.le Regina Margherita, 214 - 06 7049 6570 - https://www.lacasadelsuppli-reginamargherita.com

Photo: Andrea Di Lorenzo

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