A great chef opens a seaside restaurant: Ancòra arrives in Cesenatico

May 30 2024, 16:27
Agostino Iacobucci is expanding his ventures. The chef from Castellammare di Stabia is opening a second restaurant, this time in Cesenatico

"Another restaurant!" The name of Agostino Iacobucci's new restaurant was born more or less like this, following his desire to create a long-term project for his team. Those who have worked with him and returned after an experience abroad, but also those who see the chef as a father and brother: indeed, Eugenio and Pasquale Iacobucci, respectively Agostino's son and brother, are also part of the group of young people involved in the Ancòra project in Cesenatico. About ten people between the ages of 20 and 30, including some of Iacobucci's long-time collaborators with prestigious backgrounds, have been called to revive this seaside restaurant.

Ancòra Opens in Cesenatico

The venue (25 seats and two guest rooms upstairs) is familiar to lovers of fine dining in Romagna: it previously housed the short-lived Celèstia and, before that, Alberto Faccani's Magnolia. The resident chef, Marco Garattoni, born in 1994, has notable experience in the region and beyond, including stints at Berton in Milan and Disfrutar in Barcelona. Described as "young and creative, curious and attentive to local ingredients," Garattoni will lead a kitchen that Iacobucci describes as "very technical fine dining of the sea," aligning perfectly with the style Iacobucci showcases at his main restaurant in Castelmaggiore, where he also favours seafood. Iacobucci thus fulfils his dream of a seaside restaurant, creating a gastronomic bridge between the Romagna town and his native Castellammare di Stabia, both known for their warm hospitality and rich culinary traditions. The menu reflects a Mediterranean influence, balancing elements from both Campania and Emilia Romagna, with the local expertise of the resident Romagnolo chef.

The cuisine at Ancòra

Ancòra offers three tasting menus of 5 or 7 courses, plus a chef's choice menu, priced at €69, €89, and €99 respectively. "We aim to appeal to all age groups with reasonable prices," says Iacobucci. There is also a lunch option available three days a week, featuring a mini menu of 3 dishes for €59. Additionally, there is a small seasonal à la carte menu with three choices per course, complemented by a rich wine cellar stocked from the main restaurant. The focus is on high-quality ingredients, with local seafood and vegetables taking centre stage, and a refreshed take on traditional dishes with a light touch and controlled creativity. Highlights include Oyster, cucumber, fennel, and green apple; "Button" reminiscent of spaghetti with clams; Comacchio eel, shiitake, annurca apple, sesame, seaweed salad, and daikon with vermouth dip; Sole, escarole, capers, olives, pistachio, and Asetra caviar; and Comacchio eel, shiitake, annurca apple, sesame, seaweed salad, and daikon. Note: Ancòra is just the beginning of future projects, "Ancòra is a serious project to move forward."

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