A filled Pandoro for breakfast, just steps from the Duomo of Milan: the new Bauli Café

May 17 2024, 15:35
The Verona-based pandoro giant Bauli has opened a new Minuto Bauli café in Milan. This venue is notable for the "Minuto," a special miniaturized version of the famous pandoro

Bauli has launched a new pastry shop and café called Minuto Bauli in the heart of Milan, located at Piazza Beltrade 2, just a short distance from the Duomo. The establishment features the "Minuto," (minute) a special miniaturized version of the renowned pandoro, handcrafted by Bauli's master pastry chefs and filled on the spot. The preparation of the Minuti requires only a few ingredients but takes two days to complete.

An artisanal and personalized experience

The shop, equipped with visible proofing and baking ovens, bakes the Minuti right in front of customers and serves them hot. These small pandoros are crafted over two days, proofed for 12 hours, baked in 20 minutes directly in the store, and filled while still hot—in just "one minute"—with various fillings such as pistachio cream, hazelnut cream, custard, jam, zabaglione, and an array of toppings, from smarties to raspberry.

A format for a demanding city

During the inauguration, Enrico Bauli mentioned that the Minuto Bauli at Piazza Beltrade is the first of its kind to open in a city center. While there are already locations in the shopping centers of Arese, Merlata, and Fiordaliso Rozzano, this is the first store in the city center. This decision caters to the preferences of Milan residents—avid lovers of café breakfasts—who are always on the lookout for new formats and highly responsive to quality offerings.

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