8 of the best white and red wines from Trentino priced below 20 euros

Feb 11 2024, 17:55
Among whites with good structure and aromatic depth and full-bodied reds, here is a selection of some of the best wines from Trentino priced below 20 euros

Close to the mountains of Trentino, various climatic bands characterize the areas where viticulture is practiced: milder climates near Lake Garda and the valley floor of Valdadige, while a continental climate marks the steep and severe heights of the Dolomites, ranging from 200 to 1,000 meters above sea level. Just like the climate, the soils also vary significantly within the region: from calcareous and alluvial soils to the pebbles of Piana Rotaliana, which yield identity-driven and expressive wines.

From an oenological perspective, this is a land of fragrant and characterful whites, with good structure and aromatic depth: lively, slender, and floral wines based on pinot grigio, chardonnay, kerner, sauvignon, müller thurgau, and pinot bianco, among others. Not to be overlooked are the full-bodied reds made from indigenous grapes such as teroldego or marzemino.

White and red wines from Trentino with the best quality-to-price ratio

The following is a small selection of excellent labels from those reviewed in the Berebene 2024 guide by Gambero Rosso, which received ratings of 90 points or higher and cost less than 20 euros. An invitation to explore the heritage of grapes and wines from a region that truly has a lot to offer.

Pinot Nero 2021 by Cantina Aldeno is very nuanced, lively in its simplicity. Cantina Aldeno is a historic cooperative located on the right bank of the Adige River, with vineyards dedicated to red berries but also engaged in the production of Trento Doc classic sparkling wines for many vintages. Vineyard management is highly focused on sustainability, and it was among the first Italian wineries to also offer vegan wines. Directed by the winemaker Walter Webber, a renowned sparkling wine expert and attentive oenological experimenter, the range of wines is captivating, both among the Trento Doc sparkling wines and still wines, such as this Pinot Nero.

The Riesling 2021 by Maso Poli offers cedar aromas and a pronounced acidity. This all-female-managed winery includes Romina, Martina, and Valentina Togn, ready to continue the viticultural strategies of their father Luigi, a historic entrepreneur in Dolomite wine. This hillside winery above Lavis has created a beautiful and technologically advanced enological structure. Thirteen hectares of vineyards surround the winery, with few varieties for targeted vinifications. Reliability and qualitative consistency characterize their wines.

Pojer & Sandri's Riesling, with intriguing acidic verve, hints of exotic fruit, anise, and plum, is so well structured that it will withstand extended aging. A true standout. Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri have revolutionized the times and ways of Trentino tradition: changing, evolving, imprinting with wit and experimentation, both in the vineyard and in the cellar and distillery, recently expanded with a wooden structure overlooking the Adige Valley.

Luigi Zanini's Gewürztraminer 2022 is highly aromatic but dry and very fresh. Oscar and Andrea Zanini, sons of the company's founder, Luigi, present a respectable range. In addition to Traminer, the Teroldego Rotaliano 2022 is also noteworthy, juicy, savory, and profound.

Müller Thurgau Petramontis by Villa Corniole is one of the porphyritic wines cultivated on terraces of rocks and vinified in a cellar carved into the porphyry, the mineral of the Cembra Valley. The white wines are reliable and harmonious, with the Trento being fragrant and smooth, and some red wines confirming the reliability of this winery.

Lagrein Vista Lago 2019 by Agraria Riva del Garda is one of the labels we liked the most from this cooperative. The vineyards border the lake and shape a landscape projected towards the Brenta Dolomites. Wines with a Trentino character, including classic sparkling wines.

L'Ora di Pravis presents intriguing olfactory nuances with aromas of quince and hints of rhododendron honey, a long and captivating sip, almost enchanting. L'Ora is a beneficial breeze called, useful gusts for all crops, especially for vines. Thanks to the influence of L'Ora, all the grapes ripen at their best, but only the Nosiola grapes are left to wither on racks called 'arèle' to give life to the precious holy wine. For some vintages, this technique has also been applied to obtain a more varied Nosiola wine, rich in gold color, with an important approach. This is what we present to you.

Teroldego Rotaliano Sup. Clesurae Ris. 2019 is one of the flagship labels of the solid cooperative Cantina Rotaliana, with Teroldego Rotaliano in its DNA, authoritative enough to offer a selection perfectly in tune with quality and quantity, even with targeted reserves. The members cultivate traditional grape varieties, with which they also produce some versions of Trento wines.

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