57 million bikers on vacation on farms, the Cycling Federation and Agriturist focus on cycle tourism

Apr 19 2024, 12:47
The population of cyclists on vacation, choosing farms as their preferred stop for holidays, grows year by year. Agriturist and the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) have signed a partnership to increase new connecting routes between farms and new initiatives tailored to bikers

The population of cycle tourists increases every year: in 2023 they reached almost 57 million presences. The agreement between Agriturist and the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI), signed at the Confagricoltura headquarters, plans conferences and seminars, as well as the creation of "cycling routes" able to connect the approximately 6,000 member companies of the association that gathers agritourisms of Confagricoltura. All supported by competitive or cycle tourism events designed ad hoc.

Photos by Michael Ender. At the beginning, photo by Sina Sadeqi. Below, photo by Viktor Bystrov (all on Unsplash).

Two wheels and "bike hospitality"

The collaboration signed yesterday between the Italian Cycling Federation and Agriturist (the National Association for Agritourism, Environment, and Territory of Confagricoltura) aims to develop and integrate the project promoted by the FCI, "Bike Hospitality," with the structures associated with Agriturist, to enrich sustainable mobility and cycling tourism, with additional services for two-wheeled users, recognized and qualified by the Italian Cycling Federation. "The agreement with Agriturist stems from the belief that the bicycle and cycling are extraordinary levers capable of enhancing the excellences of our country. The Federation firmly believes in this mission, able to strengthen the social value of our sport by creating sustainable wealth. The Bike Hospitality project, which started in the Marche region, is quickly becoming a reference point for other territories," says Cordiano Dagnoni, president of the FCI.

Passion for countryside vacations

"I am proud to host you in the headquarters where Agriturist was born in 1965, and from which agritourism phenomenon was developed in Italy," says Massimiliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura, host at Palazzo della Valle, where the protocol of understanding and collaboration was signed. "Today, vacations on farms are widespread throughout the territory and promote a greater knowledge of the primary sector and its products. The collaboration of FCI constitutes a significant boost for hospitality on farms and contributes to revitalizing, also from an economic point of view, rural areas and villages."

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