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A passion for delicious food and standards of the highest quality - Orominerva products reflect their region, Molise, thanks to their decisive, identity-affirming, natural flavors. The business began in 2011 as an oil mill and producer of bottled vegetables. Over the years, the range has been enriched with new products, including flavored oils, pestos, spreadable creams, tomato purées and homemade canned tomatoes. Orominerva products are available online and in Italian and international gourmet shops. Great attention is paid to selecting ingredients, which are carefully processed without added preservatives. Shining a light on the ingredients used, safeguarding the environment and supporting the territory are all key priorities. This doesn't only concern the use of the earth's resources, but also the creation of economic opportunities for the area and a commitment to social integration, which the producer realizes through concrete actions. Orominerva products are free of gluten, lactose, lysozyme, nuts and garlic.

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