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Founded in 2001, Simone's mission is to produce traditional, Apulian stretched-curd cheeses using artisanal techniques, from Andria Igp burrata to fiordilatte, stracciatella, treccia, scamorza, nodi and caciocavallo, as well as butter, yogurt and ricotta. Indeed, brothers Michele and Vincenzo Simone have inherited a family legacy in the art of cheese making - one could say that they have curd stretching in their DNA. And so a journey that began after WW I, when their grandfather started the business, is carried on today with passionate commitment, solid dexterity, great experience and superb ingredients. Only high-quality fresh milk is used, and it's collected every day by their father, Vito, from small farmers throughout the Basilicata and Puglia countryside, a nice little supply chain that stretches from the pastures of the Lucanian Apennines to the Murge. Once it arrives at the dairy, the cow's milk is then transformed into cheese by Vincenzo and Michele using only natural calf rennet.

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