In 1860 Paolo Segnana began distilling pomace in his portable still, installed atop a wagon. And so it was that the Segnana distillery was born. In the 1980s Segnana was bought by the Lunelli family, who’d already been producing Ferrari sparkling wines and owned vineyards in Tuscany and Umbria (as well as Surgiva water). Today, this cutting-edge distillery is situated next to the Ferrari winery, thus reducing the time needed to transport the pomace to the still, and guaranteeing its freshness, fragrance and flavor. Their selection of spirits is varied and compelling. We were struck by their sun-aged grappa, and grappa aged in Sherry barrels. There are plenty of monovarietal grappas as well. For enthusiasts, they offer the Segnana 150°, produced every year in 1,860 elegant, numbered bottles and featuring the year of the distillery’s founding on the label. Guided visits of the facility are available on request.

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