In 1946 Gottfried Roner, spurred on by a gut feeling and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, started a home distillery. Today the business he created is on its third generation and, thanks to its commercial success, in 1999 it purchased Ritterhof, one of the leading producers of gewurztraminer wine in Alto Adige. Roner holds a top spot in terms of fruit distillates and spirits, with a selection that features Williams pear and Gravensteiner apples. They aren’t lacking in grappas either, with an offering that includes a pinot nero Riserva and a number of interesting monovarietals. Their selection of liquors is robust. They’ve got wild strawberry, limoncello, gentian, juniper, blueberry, plum, chocolate, zabaione and an Alpine herb amaro. And there’s more: gin, rum, single malt whisky, white and red vermouth, all perfect for sumptuous cocktails and drinks. There are even decadent chocolates made with Williams pear liqueur and glasses to serve it all in.

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