It was 1898 when Carlo Bocchino founded a small distillery in Canelli with the aim of making grappa out of pomace from the local Moscato vineyards. Over the years the distillery has reached new heights in terms of quality, thanks in part to the commitment of Giorgio Micco, Carlo’s son-in-law, who created their grappa symbol from the name ‘Black Seal’ (‘Sigillo Nero’). Today it is Giorgio’s son, Carlo, who manages things, keeping Bocchino a family-run business (with the help of his daughters Miranda and Marta). Their selection of spirits is robust, starting with the Riserva Carlo Bocchino, made from monovarietal grapes and aged at length in specific, designated wood casks. The Cantina Privata collection is for connoisseurs: select vintages, precisely numbered, and aged in wood casks for 8 to 12 years. Decorative gift packaging is also available.

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