Casoni Fabbricazione Liquori

Opened in 1814, today Casoni is a solid business and one of the leading brands in Europe in the production of liqueurs and spirits. Over the years the Modena company has expanded its range of products, specializing mainly in typical Italian regional liqueurs, with an eye to new consumer trends and increasingly mindful of exports. Its strengths are a bond with tradition, specialist know-how, flexibility, in-house production of infusions and distillates, and large-scale production capacity, guaranteed by the production plants: two in Finale Emilia (Via Venezia and Via San Lorenzo), and one in Slovakia (near Kosice). Casoni produces hundreds of liqueurs and spirits, including Sambuca, Amaro, Amaretto, Anicione, Limoncello di Sorrento, Nocino di Modena, Bitter, Fernet, Crema Caffè, and Aperitivo 1814, a refreshing bitter-sweet, low-alcohol beverage made with the Casoni family’s venerable recipe of herbs, fruits and seeds.

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