At Bortolo Nardini, seven generations of distillers have seen to it that grappa culture has a place in the world. Indeed, it was in 1779, a year proudly displayed on their logo, that the story of this prestigious producer began in Bassano del Grappa, making Bortolo Nardini the first and oldest distillery in Italy. Their selection of spirits features classic, traditional pomace brandies that use white grapes, or grapes aged in wood, and distillates flavored with rue or gentian. Their impressive variety of liquors is modern and versatile. It includes juniper, cedar water, mistrà anise liquor, the ‘tagliatella’ (made of grappa, marasca cherry, orange and herbs … the recipe is a family secret), amaro, rhubarb, quinine and fernet. Their ‘Selezione Bortolo Nardini’ is also worth looking into. Dedicated exclusively to the HORECA market (the European food and service industry), they come in elegant bottles designed by the noted architect, Renzo Piano. Many of their products are used to prepare outstanding cocktails. Guided visits are available.

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