Amaro Montenegro’s roots go back to 1885, when Stanislao Cobianchi founded the small liquor producer. Initially, they focused on spirits, like ratafià, alchermes, arquebuse, persico, latte di vecchia and rosolio, many of which have since been forgotten. Soon, he created a new, exclusive liquor made with aromatic herbs. It was a subtle, amber, after-dinner drink, perfect for sipping or as a cocktail (Gabriele D’Annunzio called it, ‘the liquor of virtues’). Stanislao named it, Amaro Montenegro, in honor of Elena Petrovich Niegos, Princess of Montenegro and the future Queen of Italy. Today, the producer is a full-blown group encompassing various brands, all of them leaders in their respective markets. In addition to Amaro Montenegro, still the house speciality, their portfolio includes Olio Cuore (corn oil and vegetable mayonnaise), Polenta Valsugana (polenta mixes, available in yellow, white, whole grain and multi-grain versions, as well as ready-made), Cannamela (Italy’s top producer for spices), Vecchia Romagna (the historic Italian brandy invented in 1939 and easily recognized by its unmistakable, triangular bottle) and Bonomelli (chamomile, herbal teas and infusions).   

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