Wine Travel Food

Wine Travel Food - January/February 2024

Europe’s Highest Vineyard On Etna, Stef Yim has planted vines at 1,500 metres: a gamble against global warming... The Best Wines on Etna All the class and versatility of the volcano in the glass: Etna Bianco, Rosato, and Rosso... Dinner...

Wine Travel Food - November/December 2023

38 italian must-try bubbles We propose a well-thought-out selection of the best Italian sparkling wines tasted in recent months. Not only Franciacorta, Oltrepò, Trento, Alta Langa, or the historic hills of Prosecco... Truffle vs. Barolo, the strange fight in Alba...

Wine Travel Food - September/October 2023

Bianco, Rosso, Bollicine, Rosato, da Meditazione: these are the labels that left us speechless after 50,000 tastings for Vini d'Italia 2024. We tell you about them.

Wine Travel Food - July/August 2023

There is a glaring hole in the delivery chain: it concerns food safety and the cleanliness of the containers where food is placed during transport. Here's to find out more about it.

Wine Travel Food - May/June 2023

After ten years of controversy, many of the values underlying the new movement of natural wines are finally affirmed. Find out more in our Wine Travel Food.

Wine Travel Food - March/April 2023

Radicalisation, extremism, excess... These seem, for better or for worse, to be the buzzwords of the next generation cuisine. Here are all the latest news.

Wine Travel Food - January/February 2023

The success of bubbles is unstoppable, and so is the fame of pizza around the world. Here are all the latest news from the food and wine world.

Wine Travel Food - November/December 2022

The 2,000 finalist wines are actually "only" the tip of the iceberg: Vini d'Italia 2023 shows that the level of Italy’s oenology is growing. This and much more in our Wine Travel Food.

Wine Travel Food - September/October 2022

What is the state of Italian wine? Well, we can tell you right off the bat that it's in excellent shape: Vini d'Italia 2023 is finally out! Find more about it in our Wine Travel Food.

Wine Travel Food - July/August 2022

Orange is the new black? Discover orange wines and much more with our Wine Travel Food.
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