Top Italian Restaurants in Bangkok

There are restaurants in Bangkok that specialise in carbonara and cacio e pepe. Along the main arteries of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, there’s room for solid Italian cuisine. Gianni Favro was the pioneer, soon followed by many...

Top Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

More than 25,000 Italians live in Barcelona. The number continues to grow because it’s a city where you can live well, eat well and even drink well. Some come to open restaurants. Here are the best ones.

Top Italian Restaurants in Beijing

Ten years ago eating Italian cuisine in Beijing was unheard of. Nowadays, the dining scene has changed completely. Think luxury hotel restaurants offering avant-garde cuisine, authentic Neapolitan pizzerias, and solid home-style trattorias located in the alleys of the old town.

Top Italian Restaurants in Seoul

“We are the Italians of Asia”, taxi drivers in Seoul would always tell us as we drove around town. Slight cultural differences aside, Italians and Koreans share the same obsessive passion for cookery. Now, thanks to recent ingredient availability, there...

Top Italian Restaurants in Amsterdam


Top Italian Restaurants in Oslo

Cacio e pepe in Oslo? Ravioli filled with oxtail? Yes, in the Norwegian capitol there are exquisite and reliable trattorias whose identity is well defined and the food offer is well structured. Think dreamy Italian wine cellars and pizzerias where...

Top Italian Restaurants in Shanghai

What a rapid growth! Italian restaurants in Shanghai are in tune with the vibrant rhythms of the buzzing city that never sleeps and whose gaze is Westerly. The scenario is getting every day more and more competitive, quality is on...

Top Italian Restaurants in San Diego

Everybody wants to move to San Diego. Why? Because of the relaxed atmosphere, the perfect climate, the beauty, the restaurant scene. When it comes to Italian food, San Diego has a lot to offer. Check our growing selection.

Top Italian Restaurants in Boston

Here our hottest Italian restaurants in town. There's still space for improvement, but there is no shortage of traditional flavors and very innovative concepts...

Top Italian Restaurants in Washington

There is so much Italian rhythm in Washington's dining scene. The offer is increasing year by year, from Neapolitan style pizzerias to luxury fine dining options. In many cases, flavors are adapted to the American palate, here's our selection. And yes,...
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