Top Italian Restaurants in Mexico City

Italian restaurants in Mexico City have shifted gear. They’re getting better and better every month. They’re moving towards more innovative menus with regional dishes, expertly-run pizzerias, new formats, and fine-dining locales ready to defy clichés. Check our list and choose ...Leggi altro

Feb. 25 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in London

London hosts a rising number of great Italian restaurants. Each has its own character, and many are very original. Looking over 3,000 locations in the capital, we see that most have left behind the checked tablecloths, mandolins and cutlet-with-spaghetti-as-a-side-dish of ...Leggi altro

Feb. 14 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Paris

There’s an increasing number of successful Italian restaurants in the French capital, but far removed from the stereotypes of classical Italian gastronomy. Think mini-bistros, restaurants with annexed extraordinary pasta labs and gourmet pizzerias in which wine plays a starring role. ...Leggi altro

Feb. 10 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Stockholm

Eating by candlelight in a unique cellar stocked with Italian wines? This too is Stockholm, including rooms where cheeses, and aged hams hang in place of chandeliers. More and more Italian wine labels and excellent ingredients are hitting the Swedish ...Leggi altro

Feb. 03 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Berlin

No other European city has grown on a food level like Berlin has. It’s true, the starting point wasn’t that high: only 10 years ago there was very little here, but the explosion, especially in the last 5 years, has ...Leggi altro

Jan. 28 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Munich

Germans like to say that Munich is the northest Italian city. There is no lack of excellence among the many Italian restaurants in Munich, between fine dining to satisfy even the most demanding of palates, and trattorias where you feel ...Leggi altro

Jan. 28 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Cape Town

In the shadow of Table Mountain we found trattorias reminiscent of Italy in the Seventies, with classic seafood dishes and Italian style steak houses. The choice in Italian grape varieties present and Italian products available is in net increase. Located ...Leggi altro

Jan. 15 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Melbourne

There is so much Italian rhythm in Melbourne’s dining scene, a veritable paradise for gourmands. We are spoiled for choice with mini-bistros, haute cuisine restaurants, and many delightful wine bars. Not to mention the extraordinary performers of the traditional Neapolitan ...Leggi altro

Jan. 15 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Moscow

The embargo and import restrictions have mostly effected the French cuisine but not really our cucina italiana. Actually, Italian restaurants in Moscow are surging, especially in term of quality. There’s plenty of good choices between fine dining restaurants, casual trattorie ...Leggi altro

Jan. 14 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Bangkok

There are restaurants in Bangkok that specialise in carbonara and cacio e pepe. Along the main arteries of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, there’s room for solid Italian cuisine. Gianni Favro was the pioneer, soon followed by many ...Leggi altro

Jan. 13 2020

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