Top Italian Restaurants in Bruxelles

Italian restaurants in Brussels have shifted gear. Finally, they are freeing themselves from melancholy offerings of classic dishes and wines, moving towards more innovative menus with regional dishes, expertly-run pizzerias and fine-dining locales ready to defy clichés.

Dec. 28 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Tokyo

We tried to disprove the saying that puts Tokyo as best dining city in the world. We failed. Merit for this also goes to those Italian restaurants that could rise above the rest even in Rome or Milan. The attention ...Leggi altro

Dec. 22 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Kyiv

More and more Italians are deciding to move to Kyiv. Among the many plusses, locals can count on a rising Italian cuisine, pizzas baked according to Neapolitan regulations and dreaming wine lists. Check our list. Yes, the wine scene is ...Leggi altro

Nov. 03 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Copenhagen

Does Copenhagen have more bicycles than restaurants? Hard to say, but what’s for sure is that something in this city is stimulating taste buds and minds. Copenhagen is a place of research, featuring a sensibility that pushes Italian restaurants in ...Leggi altro

Jun. 05 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Hong Kong

It’s actually easier to find fine red prawns from Mazara del Vallo, or a prized white truffle from Alba in Hong Kong than it is in Bologna. That’s globalization! Competition is the salt of Hong Kong, which is a relentlessly ...Leggi altro

May. 06 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Dubai

Guess what the most sought after dishes are in Dubai? According to our surveys they are pumpking agnolotti and pici all’aglione. The classic recipes from Lombardy and Tuscany are the symbol of a city that adores traditional Italian cuisine. Dubai ...Leggi altro

May. 02 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in San Francisco (and surroundings)

San Francisco doesn’t follow fashion. It dictates it. Just look at the wave of organic products, of natural wines, and the long-established success of orange wines.  The most European city in the United States offers extraordinary Italian restaurants, ones that ...Leggi altro

Mar. 06 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

Italian restaurants in Los Angeles are on such different dimensions. We hadn’t calculated the immense differences when planning our visits. Lots of fine quality Italian dining, starting from legend Piero Selvaggio by way of the authentic pugliesi flavours in West ...Leggi altro

Mar. 02 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in New York

Oh, those New Yorkers, they sure know how to cook a proper plate of spaghetti! Not to mention Neapolitan style pizza. And let’s not even go there when assessing wine lists featuring rare Italian bottles (even for Rome). In regards ...Leggi altro

Feb. 28 2020

Top Italian Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago hosts some of the most talented Italian chefs in the US, who pair their cuisine with grand wine lists. In the home of Chicago style Deep Pizza there’s a growth of first-rate Neapolitan pizzerias, with especially built ovens and ...Leggi altro

Feb. 26 2020
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