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The top 16 tonic water brands for your perfect gin and tonic

Clear, fresh and bitter: tonic water. Here is a ranking of the top 16 best tonic water brands: the queen of soft drinks and mixology. We tasted and tested Indian and Botanical types, to be enjoyed and/or mixed with alcohol...

Italian breakfast ideas, from focaccia ligure to Sicilian granita

Not all breakfasts are created equal: different regions boast characteristic and tasty morning customs. Here are some examples.

Orecchiette with turnip tops, the original Apulian recipe: 10 tips and tricks

We asked four Apulian chefs for tips on making orecchiette with turnip tops. Here are the 10 tricks to get them right.

Pizza: how classic pizzas most loved by Italians were born

The choice on the pizzeria menu is getting wider, more refined and delicious thanks to the great pizza artisans, but the traditional toppings remain a staple for many. Here is the history of the "Marinara," the "Margherita" and other historic...

Prosciutto San Daniele Dop, the top Italian ham

This unique product is born from the small town in the province of Udine. A salt-cured meat that becomes sweet and melts in the mouth. Only three ingredients allowed: Italian pork meat, sea salt and the San Daniele microclimate

Beer: it's a recovering market, but the increase in raw material prices weighs heavily

Beer. Good production and exports in 2021, but consumption is still under pre-crisis numbers. The AssoBirra Report: recovery at risk due to increases in ingredients and utilities

Regional cuisine: Alphabetical guide to the products of Puglia

The ages-old Apulian cuisine is one respectful of the seasonal cycle, and divided among land-based dishes and coastal seafood ones. Today we explore the cookery art of Puglia.

Quinoa: how to cook it? Recipes, nutritional values and properties

From burgers to fresh salads, quinoa is a product that can enrich any dish. Here are its characteristics and uses in the kitchen.

Friselle: history, origins, variants and recipes of quintessential summer lunch

Among the fresh dishes preferred by Italians in the summer are friselle. Crispy donut shaped crackers topped with tomatoes or other ingredients: here are some ideas.

Pistacchio Verde di Bronte Dop, the green gold of Sicily

From the Etna town of Bronte, the small green nut has travelled all around the world. What makes it unique is the lava soil and chlorophyll which lends its intense colour. Needless to say, it is good on everything: from...
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