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Find out more about maritozzo in Rome

Where to eat Rome’s best maritozzo: 6 places to try

The typical Roman breakfast features the maritozzo with whipped cream. Where to eat it? Here is our ranking.

Jun. 16 2021
Find out more about how to reduce your environmental impact in the kitchen

World Environment Day. How to reduce environmental impact in the kitchen

What does it mean to celebrate the environment? The theme is complex and delicate, but we've drawn up a list of actions to set a good example in the kitchen, be it at home or in the restaurant.

Jun. 05 2021
bulk shop

Grocery shopping sans plastic: loose product stores in Rome

Not a trend of the moment (plastic-free, is on everyone's lips), nor a passing fad: in starting to rethink our way of shopping is now necessary. Here's where to buy in Rome.

Jun. 03 2021
Find out more about the history of babà

Babà: history and legend of the Neapolitan sweet born in France

Strange but true, the babà has its roots in Lorraine and owes its origin to a Polish ruler in exile. The story of the most beloved cake of Naples.

May. 25 2021
Pasta alla genovese

Origin and history of Pasta alla genovese

We combed through old recipe books to understand the origin of Pasta alla Genovese.

May. 18 2021

Typical Turkish sweets, from the Ottoman Empire to present day

Baklava is the most famous pastry, but there are also candies, dishes for Ramadam made with roses and others served during the circumcision of the sultan's son: here are all the Turkish sweets present since the Ottoman Empire.

May. 17 2021
Find out more about San Salvatore

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. San Salvatore, the true flavours of Cilento

Giuseppe Pagano's dream comes true: winery, restaurant, farm and hospitality

May. 14 2021
ciambelline al vino

Traditional desserts made with extra virgin olive oil

The result of ancient traditions and of a humble but tasty cuisine, desserts made with extra virgin olive oil have always been part of the Italian table. Here's a few.

May. 07 2021
Find out more about tomato puree

Preserves: tomato puree, tomato paste, pesto. History and curious facts

Not only sweets: Italian preserves also include a variety of savoury specialities, starting with pasta sauces. Here’s what they are.

May. 03 2021

Liqueurs and spirits for use in pastry making: the best products

Fragrant, colourful, intense or delicate: spirits can be very useful to give character to our desserts. Here are the best ones to use in pastry-making.

Apr. 30 2021
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