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Find out more about Italian traditional vegan dishes

Veganuary. Naturally vegan: cruelty free traditional Italian dishes

Just think of spaghetti with tomato sauce, or with a simple garlic, olive oil and chilli dressing, polenta, focaccia alla Genovese. There's more: all the traditional Italian dishes that also happen to be vegan.

Jan. 24 2021
Find out more about agricultural enterprises

Young people are looking for the countryside. Boom of agricultural enterprises under 35

Young people seem to be very attracted by the countryside: here are the details.

Jan. 23 2021
Find out more about Da Vittorio Shanghai

Week of the Italian Cuisine in the world. Stefano Bacchelli, the chef who drives Chinese crazy with the ‘Italian duck’

Stefano Bacchelli is the executive chef of Da Vittorio Shanghai: here's his story.

Jan. 22 2021
Find out more about gluten free crostata

Gluten-free crostata: recipes by famous pastry chefs

Crostata is a beloved dessert! Made with fresh fruit, jams or spreads, this classic dessert pleases everyone, young and old. Here are 5 gluten-free recipes.

Jan. 21 2021
Find out more about Julia Child's TV series

Julia Child inspires a tv series. After the movie, The French Chef’s matrix arrives on the small screen

Inspired by the life and television career of Julia Child, Julia is the eight-episode series produced for HBO Max. In the cinema, more than a decade ago, the American cook and popularizer was made famous all over the world by ...Leggi altro

Jan. 20 2021
Find out more about books on vegan nutrition

Veganuary. Books on vegan nutrition

To get closer to anti-speciesism, it may be useful to read some books on the topic: here are the ones we selected to understand more about veganism.

Jan. 19 2021
Find out more about Italian recipes with leftovers

The cuisine of leftovers: traditional Italian recipes

Fighting food waste with taste: the most delicious recipes based on leftovers, and our tips for recovering waste.

Jan. 16 2021
Find out more about Monte del Frà

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Monte del Frà: the discreet charm of Custoza

Monte del Frà is the absolute reference points of Verona oenology: here's its history.

Jan. 15 2021
Find out more about cooking with skins

Cooking with scraps: that’s why it’s time to use waste

A key detail to keep in mind: it’s always better to use fresh vegetables quickly. For the rest, a sustainability expert explains everything about the use of skins and leaves.

Jan. 14 2021
Find out more about We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

Veganuary and sustainability. We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

The climate crisis is becoming increasingly urgent and researchers, scientists, journalists and authors from all over the world continue to sound the alarm. Among the main causes, intensive farming is the central theme of the latest book by Jonathan Safran ...Leggi altro

Jan. 13 2021
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