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Find out more about ramen

Japanese ramen: history and recipes to make it at home

Chinese by birth and Japanese by adoption, over time ramen has been enriched with ever new ingredients, enhancing the umami taste of the broth that characterizes the basic recipe. Today it is offered in many different versions, but traditional purists ...Leggi altro

Mar. 05 2021
Find out more about the Italian method

Everything you need to know about the Italian Method

Freshness, lightness and immediacy: Federico Martinotti's sparkling revolution.

Mar. 04 2021
Find out more about Alaska book

Alaska. The book on the epic and cuisine of the gold diggers

The history surrounding the gold diggers in Alaska and their food in a manuscript translated and published for Slow Food Editore. An exciting journey through the history of America and its cuisine.

Mar. 03 2021
Find out more about cheese and wine pairing

Cheese and wine: the best pairings according to the sommelier

Full-bodied reds, noble moulds, orange. In search of the best pairings with cheese, with the advice of a great expert like Maurizio Paparello

Mar. 01 2021
Find out more about London pubs and restaurants

In UK, restaurants and pubs reopen after Easter, only outdoors. Johnson’s announcement

The British calendar on the gradual return to normality, gives priority to schools. The outdoor dining will start again from 12 April, and only from mid-May restaurants and pubs will be able to welcome guests inside.

Feb. 28 2021
Find out more about Massimo Bottura's refectory in the USA

Massimo Bottura’s refectory in the United States: already operational in San Francisco, and New York coming soon

The Food For Soul refectory in San Francisco quietly opened in the first weeks of 2021, marking the debut of the project by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore in the United States. Next stop: Harlem, New York

Feb. 26 2021
Find out more about pizza scima from Abruzzo

Pizza scima, the Abruzzo yeast-free pizza recipe

Fast, easy, very tasty: pizza scima is the perfect bread product for a last-minute dinner. This is how this Abruzzo specialty was born.

Feb. 25 2021
Find out more about the hilltops of Abruzzo

Weekend in… The hilltop towns of Abruzzo

A new mini-guide series introduces itineraries with tips and addresses of lesser-known treasures of Italy to both domestic and––hopefully soon––international travellers. Supporting the local economy of small businesses through sustainable travel is what drives the series. Let's start with three ...Leggi altro

Feb. 24 2021
Find out more about fours made with fruit scraps

Flours with the fruit scraps. The new project of the University of Bozen · Bolzano

Reconciling sustainability, taste and health is not a mission impossible. This is demonstrated by the free Bolzano University, which has just developed a method for reusing parts of the apples discarded by the confectionery industry. The result? A fortified flour ...Leggi altro

Feb. 24 2021
Find out more about corn flour

Corn flour: culinary use, properties and recipes

If until now you have used corn flour exclusively for making classic polenta, now is the time to get to expand your knowledge a little. From Mexican tacos to Piedmontese meliga biscuits, up to a crunchy breading for homemade fritters, ...Leggi altro

Feb. 23 2021
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